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Attached is my plan. 


I am having trouble getting my dormers to work. The dormer on the side opposite the stairs is good but I can't get the dormer over the stairs to work.  I would like the dormer wall to be right along the right side of the stairway but when I move the wall there it says it can't create the dormer because walls are in the way. If I delete the railing around the stairway it removes the stairway opening.


I also cannot change the siding material on the dormer over the stairs but I can on the opposite dormer.


Thank you for the help.

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In the shared plan file Default Settings - Walls - Exterior Wall was  not set to your predominate exterior wall, also Default Settings - Materials - Exterior Wall was set to Blue Siding. The dormers will be easier to edit when exploded, try it. Other than that I did not find much wrong and was then easy to straighten out the dormers.



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Many things need to be fixed in this plan...I took some liberties to fix things. "Somewhat Fixed" plan attached. Ahern house manual dormers - Fixed.plan

The main floor roof (10/12) I made using trusses checked...but the dormer roofs are "stick" framed with 2x8's. I raised the main 10/12 roof off the plate because the floor was sticking through...and, the dormer side walls were sitting on a floor that was above the top surface of the roof. You could fix that using a solid...but, I thought it better just to raise the roof. 


Don't paint walls...nothing but trouble. Make new wall types.

I also created a new saved plan view called "roof plan view". 


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8 hours ago, Jambruins said:

Steve, can you save the file down to version x12?  I can't open the file because it was created with a newer version of chief.


You can't "down-save" Chief Plans, there is no backward compatibility only forwards. ( never has been actually )


Also might be  worth a look at the reasons  Not to Paint Can Exterior Walls in chief as Steve Mentions....



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