Brick Veneer on Outdoor Fireplace Wall


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I'm trying to represent an outdoor fireplace as shown on the .png attachment.  My approach wad to frame the firebox with brick veneer on the outside.  Then add the high gable walls as attic walls.  The problem I'm having is when I pull the attic walls into the narrow part of the chimney, it deletes my wall that the fireplace and mantle are on.  I've tried several ways of doing this over about 4 hours but can't get it to work.


Could anyone give me a way to do this?  I"ve attacheed the .pln file if you want to see where I am on it.  Thanks in advance for input.


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@Renerabbitt I downloaded your firepace stack about a month ago (thanks for making tools like this available).  The tapered part of the fireplace is your symbol.  After looking at your symbols, I created my own lower "cabinet" so I could move the firebox around.  I may go back and take a look at your whole stack again.


@MPDesign the outside is exactly the way I need it, but the inside is not right.  There's got to be a combination that will work.


I've been off of this project for a few days...hence the late reply.  I'm back on it and will be working with the ideas you all supplied.  I'll post an update when I get further along, get it right, or give up again!  Thanks for both your input.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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@DRyeHD - Damon, made you a long rambling video to explain how to fix this plan.


1 - Please don't drag wall tops/bottoms....just creates so many problems.

2 - Painting wall materials is also a big hassle...try to learn to create new explicit wall types.

3 - Don't place attic walls on the first floor...


Damon - Outdoor Fireplace - many issues - Watch Video


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@SNestor, I was about to send @Renerabbitt and @MPDesign another question about the gable walls and rails.


Thanks so much for the video.  I've watched it carefully and will be correcting some things accordingly.  Thanks for calling out some bad habits (and being kind about it) - dragging walls in elevation view, painting a material over another instead of defining a wall type, and more.  I'll be working through this on my plan and incorporating your tips on all future plans.


I'll go ahead and ask about the deck railing before I get started.  I'm going to follow the tips in the video.  But can I add the deck railing directly under the gable walls?  Since @SNestor explained where the gable walls need to be (not on the 1st floor) I'm thinking the railing should work the way its supposed to.  I'll send a picture of the covered deck with rails when I'm finished.  Thanks again, all, for your input.

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@DRyeHD - Yes, you can draw a railing wall and have a gable end wall above it.


Chief typically will auto generate a gable wall using the same type wall below it. So...If you use an interior-4 wall for the railing...the gable end wall will be the same type. You can change it manually....or use the wall type for the railing that you would like the gable end wall to be.

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