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Hi all, 


I've found this photo Chiefs website

How there hatches are visible in the plan?I'm talking about Deck wood and stone hatch.

I assume this is made as a separate room polyline with hatch. 

Or is there other(easier) way to show top view with hatches and not black/white.


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The Decking looks like the auto generated decking with a dark brown linestyle and a lighter brown fill. The stone path Ild say is a terrain feature with a light grey fill duplicated and converted to a plain polyine then given a stone fill with a dark grey line colour and the transparent hatch fill checked.


Both could be generated with just polylines duplicated, bottom layer with a solid base fill, the top with a hatch pattern set to transparent. Bit of a PIA, wouldnt be a bad feature being able to choose the background colour as well as the line colour.

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Too bad we still cant change start point coordinates for hatch pattern for each room to show tile patterns.


Totally agree! Instead I have to draw tiles with line tool... even autocad has this! Chief allow to choose start point for hatching. And add solid color with hatch on top please!.. How basic is that.

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