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  1. I was learning Sketchup the other day and saw how field of view works beautifully in there and then thought that Chief is not behaving same way with field of view. So went back to Chief and started to experimenting. So when I increase field of view it doesn't change the field it self, but moves camera further out, and when I zoom in back to the cabinet it looks exact same no matter what number I put in field of view...? Here are two screenshots with two different fields of view: one is maximums 170 degrees and another is 10 degrees, but when I zoom in to object it looks exactly same. So this field of view just zooms out or in. I hope I miss something here?
  2. I need to show in plan view either rough door opening of door size with frame included, non of these is possible. It's only door size without a frame which is really strange...why would you show door panel size in architectural drawings? You guys work with Chief for decades... didn't you find this strange? Who needs this door panel size? Architects, builders, interior designers or even owner is not interested in this dimension at all. The only person who will have advantage of this number is door producer. Everyone else wants to know door size (frame included) or door opening gap.
  3. Joe, can you give me step-by-step to this? Macros is my weak point for today.
  4. Thanks Ray, from what you saying the answer to my question in NO
  5. But is it possible to set is as a label? so RO shows up in the plan view instead of door size?
  6. Hi everyone, is it possible to specify door label as rough opening, not door size? I's much more common to show rough door openings in architectural plan, and not door size without framing. I don't understand why automatic door label is door size without frame? Is it standard in US?
  7. After working on 5k I would not go back to any lower resolution and yes I will even struggle with Chiefs slowness hoping it will be fixed quickly. If you buy regular iMac (and in one year all pc's will have 4-5k screens) you will regret having "commodore 64" on your deck i think
  8. I've been chatting with support team about this issue for a while. This is the latest answer I've got: "...I forwarded this information on to our developers and testing deparments. If they decide to prioritize fixing this before X8, then they will release another update to X7." I would be more than happy to have updates every week or so, now I have to wait full one year for them to fix it... if they fix it.
  9. I've beed missing & asking this tool from first day using Chief. Material Painter should/must have "Material Painter Single Wall Mode"
  10. I'm having same problem with moldings on curved walls.
  11. Hi Perry, no effect here. Support team suggested to turn off display for all framing layers and it worked for elevation view, but not 2d view. The only thing that helps is to reduce Chiefs window like half size of the screen or reduce displays resolution in imacs preferences. Now that's a pity - you buy big display and still working on small window...
  12. Hi all, recently bought new work machine iMac 5K specially for working with Chief X7. Installed Chief and my hands dropped! X7 is slow as hell on this new machine. Have tried to install X6 and it works much better. Installed windows version X7 through parallels desktop on iMac and it works even better. have contacted Chiefs support team and they said I might have to wait till X8 maybe it will be fixed. Just wondering if anyone else experience slowness on this new iMac 5K? Especially zooming and panning in 2d view.
  13. Thanks Graham, I was really hoping no more workarounds but if you see the lower door doesn't have default height, otherwise handle would be 32mm from floor. Instead it's on 900mm from floor. If you have two doors - lower is 700mm the handle will be in 900mm height. see screenshot. Chief please explain this. 900mm is not my default!
  14. Hi all, can anyone tell me is there a way to control height of the cabinet door handle? I know we have this up/down control for upper doors it works fine. But what if I have one big door from the bottom? looks I have some default height and can not find where to change that. Please see screenshot attached. Thanks for help
  15. Is there a way to make cabinet filler default? I want it to be 36mm in width by default and suppress label. Not it comes as 75mm and automatic label. Thanks for help!
  16. OK, anyone in metric please help me to figure this out: Draw rectangular and some cross lines - one could be 45 degrees and others any angle with angle snap turned off. Like here is the screenshot 1. Make sure you have degrees as default for angles - screenshot 2 Draw dimension to all of them and you see if angle is normal like 45º it shows correctly - 45º. If I have some other like 13.54º it switches back to minutes and seconds! Have submitted this to Brian here is his latest answer: "As for how it displays I am not sure if we can or cannot display the dimension the way you want. I am not familiar with the example you gave of 12,90°. Could you explain how this would apply to the normal Degrees, minutes, seconds standard?" I'm 11 years in the business and have never seen anyone showing angles in this fashion, not here in Europe. So this is not a standard for metric. If I choose degrees, not minutes/seconds I want all my measures be showed as degrees. I don't even know what that means 81º 44'49" you guys overseas are strange
  17. It looks ok in the plan view but you still have these small walls in the 3d. I guess it is not possible to accomplish it in Chief.
  18. Yes, how do you bump them to that thiner wall?
  19. Have tried, but then you can not move windows close enough to that thinner wall... in my case I have gap of 200mm on each side
  20. I just take widest point of frames we use for doors - its 45mm. But I agree Chief needs to fix frames, thresholds and much more in doors and windows.
  21. The photo has flipped after importing it here, sorry. Its two windows they share one gap in the "fat wall" and they have this thiner wall in the middle between them.
  22. Hey pros, Can someone help me to figure out how to create this kind of window in my basement plan? It's two separate windows they have same opened space, but are separated with this wall in the middle. Is it possible to do this in Chief?
  23. what do you mean it works?
  24. So this blank layer has to be there or not. Lets have this clear. I use mac and metric. What do you use and say if you have this layer or not.