3D Camera - Send to Layout - Image Cropping doesn't Match


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Have some pre-set cameras in my template for basic b/w exterior linework views that then sync to the .layout file cover sheet  - which is great in theory but my cameras don't seem to want to behave:




Of course sending to layout as an 'image' solves this - but I wonder why the cropping changes when using the live camera?


I tried a second camera view and it seemed to work more closely to how you would expect. Nearly identical cropping on these two:







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1 hour ago, kylejmarsh said:

Of course sending to layout as an 'image' solves this - but I wonder why the cropping changes when using the live camera?

I've found that using these live views take significantly more time than using images. As you've realized, for some reason they are unreliable in their cropping and view positioning, even when the camera remains saved and untouched. Not to mention the larger pdf file sizes, significantly slower performance in layout, and the unbearable eye-bleeding blurriness of the on-screen image.

One might assume the intent is a tool to improve productivity for Chief's customers but more often than not, the live views end up creating hassle and embarrassment, much like the online 3D viewer.

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I see this as well, the "little" live camera on layout. I've gone to using images 95% of the time (for the pdf size as well). i'm actually just investigating how to either crop the images properly with a macro, or get the zooming just right before sending to layout. This is currently where I seem to be spending most of my "rinse & repeat" time for customers who have a lot of scenarios/changes. I think I will be at a minimum programming one of the ten mouse buttons I have to "send image to layout" from the camera


But if you solve this, please do post it.


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This one drives me crazy.   A layout template seems like the perfect solution, but it's a PITA to get the live views recropped and repositioned every time.  This template feature should shine when showing clients multiple options but I've started sending screen shots because it's more reliable and efficient.


I've reported it.  Please do the same so we can get it fixed, including the PDF size, blurriness, etc.

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