repeating fill pattern for wall

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I'm doing some modifications for a commercial space, and the existing plans are below. I thought what they did with the wall fill patterns for the different wall types was quite good from a black and white readability point of view. see below


I've created wall types with different fill patterns in CA, and with different colors, but thought the way they did this was very clear (instead of zooming to see the different fill patterns I created in CA). When I do it in CA it is the continual hatching, and to tell the difference between 4 different wall types takes a discerning eye in black and white


Maybe a custom fill pattern? not sure how CA would know to fill in the proper color between each. maybe solid blocks of white for the fill with black between for the double ones below


dont look too close at the image. The legend does not actually fully match, you have to correlate the label






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Wall hatching looks to operate the same as the wall type for the fill parameters. I cant see a way to get it like the image where there is a white block for about six inches and then grey for 2 ft then white 6 inches...repeat.


looking at the manual it doesn' t look like there is a setting, or at least not that I can find. I've played around a bit with the height, width offset, does not seem to do what the image has

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I would think you would need a custom fill pattern for that or do it totally manually with a multi copied filled polyline.


Maybe printing in colour would make it even clearer.  I could never understand why ACAD has a multitude of line colours that correspond to line weights.  If the colours are easier to identify at a glance while you are working with the file why not let the end user enjoy the same feature.

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Is this the same person? If so, could you please pick a name? It can be confusing ...


I believe you can logout as one, then back in as the other.





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yes same, I think I need to logout from the other computer as you say. too many browsers, too many email addresses (long story, but to get multiple free advertising here, you need multiple email addresses)


I don't actually ever print, I send pdf in color, but I know not everyone has color printers. I just thought it was a good way to do it. I'll play around with the custom fill


Found some old posts below to use hatchkit although looking at the format it looks unlikely to be able to keep the white space for the "block" and have the grey filled in outside the block, but I'll give it a whirl:


"Excellent summary by Joe Carrick cut & paste from the "legacy forum":


Fill Patterns are simply text files that can be edited in a simple text editor like Notepad. Chief Architects supplies some standards and several custom patterns that are contained in the "Pattern" folder. Each Pattern is made up of a series of Lines.

The format of a Pattern File is as follows:

nAngle, xOrigin,yOrigin, xRepeatDelta,yOffset, [nLength,nSpace]



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got it to sort of work but without the single and double blocks, just wider blocks. nothing quite like setting the line width to 400. just don't make it green, really really ugly (see below). in the end it is a function of scale width and line weight. offsets set to non default below, but they  do not matter





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