2x10 / LVL on flat for headroom

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Many years ago around here, what was called a "2x10 on flat" was often detailed at the bottom of stairs to make for more headroom.


What are people doing these days and how are you detailing it, given the auto joist creation feature in Chief? 





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18 hours ago, jasonn1234 said:

at the bottom of stairs


You mean at the bottom of the wall opposite the top landing?


I don't model it, just CAD and Notes



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see attached below, which is what is framed by CA. I then copied and pasted the parallel line to cut through the joist.

The joist is 16". but because the stair width is 42" and it could framed in such a manner that the joist there(At your head) is 42", a 16" deep joist is not actually required


so if one could either put ripped LVL there, or something else, you would no longer have the headroom problem. it only applies if you frame the stair opening per below WITH adjustments(see red and greem). For this particular one, you could move FB3-2 to the right say 16", extended the connected beam(red), and then "fill in" with a smaller joist, ripped LVL, or on angle framing member (green)







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OK, I see.  You need to define the small area of floor there as having less structure depth, and to do this you will need to use the room divider wall type to wrap the area adjacent the floor opening, then specify structure accordingly.  Chief won't give you the ability when doing this to bevel the ceiling, so you will do a polyline solid to get that triangular-section piece.


A CAD detail should be drawn to show the framer what to do.

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thanks I'll give it a try. I also thought about putting the joist above on a different layer to not show it in the cross section and then draw a line for the triangle piece, and then draw a box for the ripped LVL or LVL on flat. But if it is on flat, i'd like to know the connection details for LVL. LVL doesn't exactly nail into the edges nicely. maybe some support below it cut at the stair angle??


I peruse the internet for more than a few hours and never saw a detail. This was the only one I found, which is close but not quite:




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