Foundation Elevation View

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Turn off whatever layers you don't want to see.


Might want to create a new dedicated layer set first. Making large changes to a layer set can bite you if you need those particular settings for other views.

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Do an ortho floor camera of just the foundation, then adjust the view to be front/side/whatever site you want to see. Who's asking for this view? I'd charge them extra IMHO 

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When you’re in your elevation view click on an item you don’t want to see. 

1). At the bottom of the window there’s an icon with an “O” in it. (Object Layer Properties)


2). A window will open up highlighting the item you’ve clicked on with its associated layer. 

3). Deselect the visibility of that layer. (Uncheck the line)




Solver’s video above is the “proper” way to do it though. You should learn about layers and layer sets. 

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Create a custom layer set...

In my example every layer is turned off except "foundation walls", "foundation" and "footings"...


Create this layer set in your template and you can use it in your elevation views...or your 3D views.

This took less than 2 minutes to create...


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