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  1. I drew a dwelling which is a slab on grade. Next, I drew railings around the building for a deck. I used the "straight deck railing" tool. The deck surface is also concrete. When I tried to change the deck surface height to be 5" below the top of the first floor, there is no room definition for the deck, and the deck seems to have inherited all its properties from the main building. How do I get the deck and building to be treated as separate entities? Thanks, Lane
  2. So are you saying I need to rotate the layout and the plan files independently? I was hoping that once I sent the plan to the layout, then I could simply have the layout print in portrait mode, like I can do if I print it first as a PDF. Yes, the plan is fully annotated. Maybe just anothe reason not to upgrade to X15, I wish Chief would focus a little more on practical, everyday things like this as opposed to creating a picture perfect, sun shadow, etc. rendering. (sorry, I had to get that off my chest) Lane
  3. Yes, but the issue with that is line weights...they do not print true from a PDF. At least not for me.
  4. I want to rotate both the layout and plan so it prints in portrait mode.
  5. My printer will go to 36" wide. I need to print on ARCH E size paper, so when I went to print, I switched from landscape to portrait mode. However only the paper size changed orientation, the file stayed in landscape mode. How do I change the orientation of the layout file so everything is in portrait mode? Thanks in advance. Lane
  6. I have several walls and deck railing walls marked as invisible, yet the outlines of the walls and railings are visible. Can anyone tell me what else I need to check besides the "Invisible" checkbox in the wall dialogue? A screenshot and the plan are attached. Thanks! Lane 8-30-2023 LaPenna Swimming Pool Deck Plan File.plan
  7. Time for a new computer. Is this a good configuration? 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-13900 (36 MB cache, 24 cores, 32 threads, 2.00 GHz to 5.60 GHz Turbo, 65 W) Windows 11 Pro, English, French, Spanish (Dell Technologies recommends Windows 11 Pro for business) NVIDIA® RTX™ A2000, 12 GB GDDR6, 4 mDP 32 GB, 4 x 8 GB, DDR5, 4000 MHz 512 GB, M.2, PCIe NVMe, SSD, Class 40 Precision 3660 Tower with 500W (80 Plus Platinum) PSU, RPL and ADL Compatible Thanks in advance, Lane
  8. Thanks, I didn't think it was something Chief could handle, but I wanted to check anyway.
  9. How do you get a roof to slope in two directions? The front of the roof line is 8' AFF, and the eve follows this line. the back o the roof line has two different heights; the left side is approximately 16' AFF, while the right side is approximately 12' AFF. So the roof has to slope downward left to right, and downward front to back. A picture of what I need to do is attached. Its the roof in the middle. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks for the help!
  11. Is there a way to add a break to a circle? The Break Line tool only appears for straight lines. Thanks, Lane
  12. #1 My walls disconnect from each other when moving using dimensions. How do I keep them from doing that? #2 How do I select items from the floor below (or above) to show up in the reference display on the floor above(or below)? #3 What is the easiest way to do an RCP? Thanks in advance. Lane De Muro
  13. Yes, checking winders and increasing the maximum contraction did the trick!
  14. I'll give that a try, thanks!
  15. Here is a screenshot of the actual stair I need to re-shape.
  16. No, the stairs taper, the top and bottom are different widths. Each side is continuous with no break.
  17. It is one staircase. They taper from 46 to 38"
  18. I have an existing condition stairwell where the bottom of the stair is 46" wide and the top of the stair is 38" wide. Is there a way to re-shape a set of stairs so they would conform to those dimensions? Thanks in advance Lane De Muro
  19. I got mine from Office Depot as a refurbished printer. It was about 1/3rd the price of a new one, and I have never had a problem with it. For the ink, I get refilled cartridges through Amazon and have never had any problem with those either. I think you will be very pleased with your decision.
  20. I have both, Epson and Brother. I recommend the Brother. Far easier to use, better control panel, excellent print quality. The Epson does seem to have an advantage when printing photos, but I rarely do that.
  21. I need to align interior first floor walls with interior basement walls below. Exterior walls are no problem, the first floor wall main layer aligns to the basement outside main layer. But when I go to aligh the first floor walls with bearing basement walls below, it places the first floor wall in the center of the bearing wall below. I need to line up the outside main layer on the interior first floor wall to the outside of the interior basement wall below. Thanks in advance. Lane De Muro