How to make horizontal railings for decks or (and) stairs?

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Of course there is. Create one "panel" and turn it into a symbol. Create your deck rail and choose to use your panel, or use your panel as a stand alone symbol on the edge of the deck. Multiple ways to handle this, and all fairly painless.

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Thanks for the answers. In the meantime, I found this video that shows a way to get what I want.

Unfortunately I am a beginner and my native language is not English, so it will be very difficult.
I also need to always convert inches to millimeters because both types of measurement systems are not displayed in the video.



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Just now, Nicu101268 said:

@robdyck, very nice of you to give me this symbol.
Thank you very much!

You're welcome. It isn't perfect, but it looks pretty good!

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