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Hi there,


I created a custom molding using polylines then created "Molding" symbol.


It wraps fine on the inside corners but doesn't connect at the outside corner.


See attached. And thanks in advance for the help.


Kind regards, Tamela


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3 minutes ago, TKInteriors said:

then created "Molding" symbol.


After drawing your molding, you simply add it to the library -- this does not involve making a symbol.


Have you assigned your molding profile to each cabinet, or are you using a Molding Polyline?


Attaching the plan file is generally the quickest way to get an answer.


And please check your messages.

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X12 Premier


The molding is wrapping soffits and walls.


I didn't use a Molding Polyline.


...back to the drawing board.


Thank you, Tamela


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Did you create a 3D Molding Symbol or a 2D Molding Profile?

The first are made from 3D objects, the second are made from a 2D cad profile. 

Looks like you may have created a 3D Molding Symbol.

A 3D Molding Symbol will not wrap an external corner - or an internal corner, it just looks like it does - it stops perpendicular to the walls.

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5 hours ago, TKInteriors said:

...back to the drawing board.


Thank you, Tamela



Have a look at this thread from yesterday about Creating a Molding you can apply to a Molding Line

(or in some DBX's such as Window Sills and Lintels) , it should get you started and isn't that difficult.


Custom Window Lintel - General Q & A - ChiefTalk Forum (

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