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Plan Check is asking for the BTU rating of the existing AC system on a remodel/addition project.

How and where do I get this information?  I don't see it on the label of any piece of equipment.

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Hi Joe,

Last time I checked they used a BTU rating for Window AC units. They may also use them for Mini split systems but I am not sure.

I believe if you search on google you can find that a one ton AC unit is rated @ 12,000 Btu per hour.

Forgive me but I don't know about permitting in California, but Who is asking for this information?

When I'm submitting for permits I sometimes use the IC3 compliance calculator

When I have issues like this come up when i don't have enough information I consult with my HVAC contractor and HERs rater. 

You might also post your question on an HVAC forum like



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