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  1. jmsisco

    hvac spiral duct work

    Turn on the Fixtures and Moldings layes in 3d
  2. jmsisco

    Interactive 3D Options

    Watch This Video should help you.
  3. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    If understand correctly what you are doing is setting up your "pony wall wall assemblies" in your library to have a specific height for the lower section (bottom) of the pony wall? When you change ceiling height the top part of the pony wall assembly adjusts to the changed ceiling height. Once that lower wall height is set it does not change.
  4. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    I'm not sure how you're doing this because the only way I know how to set the wall height requires a room to be drawn and I believe the room height is pulled from the Default Settings for Floors and Rooms, Floor levels tab. You can also change wall height in the Room DBX Structure tab. You can draw a room with any one wall type and change the walls to 4 different types and the height of your walls will not change
  5. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    You can select the wall you want to change, open the dbx and select the pony wall type you want and that will also make the change!
  6. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    Yes the wall types are in the library now in X12 but you can just as easily choose your wall type and make copies, changes, define new types in the Wall tool DBX with out issues ! All your wall types should and could be in that location! I do not think one way is any better than the other.
  7. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    Steve, I have had and used this program since release 4.0 and have never used the Library to select my wall type when drawing a plan. I always have used the wall tool and it's walls specification dbx to select and define the wall type. I think using the library is messing you up.
  8. jmsisco

    Materials taking on area characteristics

    Steve, I may be wrong but I do not believe the walls in your library are the default walls.
  9. jmsisco

    California Detail

    Here is a detail that may work for you. See the attached pdf document for an Insulation resource. The project is in Climate zone 9 and requirements will depend on if you are doing a vented or non vented attic. 102219_BI_BID_285_CA_Title24_MultiFamily.pdf
  10. jmsisco

    Window Net Size & Rough Opening

    Not sure exactly what you are after? What about just displaying the RO on the window Schedule?
  11. jmsisco

    California Detail

    Is this what you want? or is it a cathedral ceiling?
  12. jmsisco

    California Detail

    Joe Check out these links they should be a good resource. The perfect wall bsi-001_perfect_wall_2010rev2_0.pdf Dept of Energy web site The building America Web Site EEBA CAD Details
  13. jmsisco

    Texture Web Resource

    I found this site and thought other might find it helpful for creating new materials
  14. jmsisco

    Hip Roof Issues

    @solver Been trying it. Working on a way to refine the view. Trying to get the pattern in vector view to look similar to the texture in Standard view.
  15. jmsisco

    Hip Roof Issues

    @solver Have you tried using a pony wall to create a soldier course at the top of the exterior brick veneer wall ? If so how did it work out?