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  1. jmsisco

    Stray Attic Wall

    Thanks again for the tip. This software has changed so much over the last 10-15 years it is hard to keep up with it
  2. jmsisco

    Stray Attic Wall

    Eric, Thanks for finding that! I'm not sure how that got unchecked. The person who created the plan claims they did not turn that off. Strange it was only that one wall Appreciate the look!
  3. jmsisco

    Stray Attic Wall

    It is not showing in any of the 3D views and there is no attic for that part of the home. Very strange I'm guessing it is a program glitch. I have sent it in to support. Maybe they can tell me what is going on.
  4. jmsisco

    Stray Attic Wall

    Hi Perry, I've tried that but it will not delete. I have selected and unchecked attic walls. There seems to be some kind of weird loop going on.
  5. jmsisco

    Stray Attic Wall

    There is a stray 2nd story wall I am unable to delete on the attached plan. When I select the wall to delete it, the wall changes to a invisible wall and then back to a regular wall when I try to delete the invisible wall. What am I missing? stray
  6. jmsisco

    Explode Slab Foundation

    Jerry, Were you ever able to draw the foundation they way you wanted?
  7. jmsisco

    Double Clean out

    Wow that's interesting. Everything here is that type of clean out. Were a little bit North of you in DFW and our soils have a bunch of clay. Our Sewer lines here are really not that deep.
  8. jmsisco

    Double Clean out

    Looking to see if anyone might have a CAD detail of a double cleanout. I don't think I am searching correctly on the forum. Nothing shows when I search for it. The one I have (attached) is not very clear. Plumbing Clean out Detail.pdf
  9. jmsisco

    Fixture Label Display Layer

    I'm going to stick with they way I'm doing it. Maybe Chief will add that feature in the future. Robdyck, Michael, Thanks for the input !
  10. jmsisco

    Fixture Label Display Layer

    When I use an exterior fixture from the library like an HVAC compressor, that fixture is on the exterior fixtures layer but it's label is on the fixtures layer. Is there any way to change the label on the exterior fixtures so it displays on the exterior fixtures layer? Currently I am labeling it with text and creating an exterior fixture text layer.
  11. Michael, Thanks ! It did not occur to me to check the attic level. Thank you so much for looking at it. Regards, John
  12. Guys I'm wondering if any of you have seen this behavior. The perspective full overview is not centering on the plan. All other 3D view work fine. I'm using X11 thanks for any feedback ideas. 1914_Kelly_St_MODERN_1721.plan
  13. jmsisco

    Any Dallas Ft. Worth Users

    We are also in Keller !
  14. Only thing I can think of is to turn off Windows Defender and try it. 

  15. jmsisco

    Loading SW Colorsnap zip File

    Yes, Thanks Chopsaw! I already have that one. The problem is it only has a limited number of colors. It does not have the colors I'm wanting.