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  1. jmsisco

    Fixture Label Display Layer

    I'm going to stick with they way I'm doing it. Maybe Chief will add that feature in the future. Robdyck, Michael, Thanks for the input !
  2. jmsisco

    Fixture Label Display Layer

    When I use an exterior fixture from the library like an HVAC compressor, that fixture is on the exterior fixtures layer but it's label is on the fixtures layer. Is there any way to change the label on the exterior fixtures so it displays on the exterior fixtures layer? Currently I am labeling it with text and creating an exterior fixture text layer.
  3. Michael, Thanks ! It did not occur to me to check the attic level. Thank you so much for looking at it. Regards, John
  4. Guys I'm wondering if any of you have seen this behavior. The perspective full overview is not centering on the plan. All other 3D view work fine. I'm using X11 thanks for any feedback ideas. 1914_Kelly_St_MODERN_1721.plan
  5. jmsisco

    Any Dallas Ft. Worth Users

    We are also in Keller !
  6. Only thing I can think of is to turn off Windows Defender and try it. 

  7. jmsisco

    Loading SW Colorsnap zip File

    Yes, Thanks Chopsaw! I already have that one. The problem is it only has a limited number of colors. It does not have the colors I'm wanting.
  8. How does one load the sw-colorsnap zip files into your library? I am able to add individual colors using RGB, but would like to add them all at once. Is it possible? sw-pdf-sherwin-williams-colorc.pdf
  9. I briefly looked at your file in Chief X7 looked like the walls are not lined up directly on top of each other. You can use the align with wall above or below tool to make sure they line up exactly.