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  1. Look at the rooms on the 2nd floor that you have named open below. Looks like all the closets are named open below . Open below put hole in ceiling. change the room names for the closets shower and hall area
  2. Hello again - By the way, this is not John you have been talking to, I'm his wife, Evan. He knows a lot more about the technical aspects of drafting than I do. It is working now, I drug the upper wall down, converted to a pony wall so the material would show correctly. There was a gap between the two upper walls that would not meet for a long while, but is has now resolved - I'm not sure what I did to fix that. Thanks for tackling this with me!
  3. Well, I'm half the way there, thanks for your help! It worked to explode the tray ceiling. I am still trying to manipulate the staircase wall and drag it down. It wants to remain a siding wall.
  4. Just saw your new images, I will give it a try!
  5. The "Stop at Ceiling Above" did not work, I am trying to get my section view right to drag the wall down now. Thank you!
  6. Attached is the reduced size file. While I was deleting all of the plan extras, I discovered that the tray ceiling in the Dining room is related to the problem. When I delete the tray ceiling in the dining room, the upper portion of the wall generates correctly on the dining room side, but still does not generate by the invisible wall near the staircase. CHIEF HELP - Invisible Walls and Raised Ceiling.plan
  7. Hello, yes there are attic walls in those locations, thank you. The camera view is turned on. My file size is too large to post.
  8. I found it, and yes invisible walls are displayed.
  9. Is that a camera setting or a wall setting? Under defaults? I am looking but can't see how to do this.
  10. How to I repair this the top portion of my wall when I raise the ceiling? There are invisible walls as room dividers between living/dining/kitcheRaised Ceiling Problem.pdfRaised Ceiling Problem.pdfn.
  11. What kind of laptop is it? Some may not be able to be upgraded.
  12. @ChopsawI have a email to the surveyor regarding that discrepancy in the survey. The Cad file they sent was a mess they had different parts of the lot lines on different layers.It took quite a bit of clean up to get where I had similar things on the same level.. It' disappointing that the imported polyline arcs will not connect and form a closed polyline that you are able to use to calculate the area.. Thanks for your help! @MarkMcMark thanks for the help!