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front dual floor entry with to start?

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There are so many options. 
1. room definition walls
2. porch
3. regular external walls
and it freaks me out that it has to go to more than one floor.
Would appreciate recommendations.


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Make it a porch and just set the room height to the height of the 2nd story. 
Can't tell you the best way to do the columns based on the stick-figure drawing... would depend on what's wanted.  If wide columns as they should be based on the height, then I'd probably make each of them from four walls in order to make easy use of pony wall feature to get lower stone and upper stucco.  


I know you didn't ask, but FWIW, based on what I see it doesn't appear to me that the columns can possibly be wide enough to balance out the height you're going for... they're going to look too tall and skinny.  I would argue for a lower entry...but if that's an existing window behind it'll have to be changed or removed.

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