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2 hours ago, javatom said:

While in a perspective view, click on the adjust material definition button (it looks like a rainbow).  Rotate the pattern and texture 90 degree.

be careful using this method because it affects every instance of that material in the plan so it might fix your ceiling but screw up your walls somewhere.  I would recommend creating a copy of the material in Plan Materials and rotate both the pattern and the texture for the new material.  Are usually give it a new name that communicates its rotation properties such as.


Pine T&G

Pine T&G 45

Pine T&G -45

Pine T&G 90

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5 hours ago, ChiefUserBigRob said:

i have wood planks for flooring coming in at the wrong rotation. how can we rotate the planks 90 deg?

Keep in mind that strip hardwood flooring direction is also mandated by joist direction as it needs to go perpendicular to joists or at a bare minimum 45 deg.  Just a practicality point.

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