3D Camera View - How to make a wider frame?


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24 minutes ago, Brittanyb22 said:

Hi there! 

Wondering how to make a wider camera view in Chief Architect 12? Is there a way to capture more of a room / move the camera back specifically in bathrooms and small areas? 


Camera settings/field of view

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A few different options:

  • Field Of View setting (turn it up)
  • Clip Surfaces Within setting (turn it up)
  • Perspective Crop Mode (use with caution as it will permanently affect that particular view, locking it to that specific perspective)
  • Temporarily changing walls to be invisible and just backing the camera up
  • Backing the camera up and just using the Delete Surface tool to temporarily remove unwanted obstructions
  • Putting walls and other objects onto unique layers and temporarily turning those layers off (so you can back camera up)
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