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  1. misterwiley

    Macro ir Ruby

    @Bill_Nelson I'd definitely recommend getting in contact with @Alaskan_Son. He supplied me with a couple different macros a while back that made this process a breeze. He's worth his weight in gold for all the help he provides us non programmer types.
  2. misterwiley

    Flat bottom chord for truss

    If you want the bottom cord to run out to the fascia then you will need to raise the roof plane up until the fascia bottom height matches the top plate height of the room.
  3. misterwiley

    Framing - Wall Plates - Large lumber in Buy List

    Yeah me too! Thanks for sharing that.
  4. misterwiley

    Fastner symbols/catalog

    If your SSA is current the Simpson library is a good resource. https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/detail/796
  5. misterwiley

    interior wall

    post the plan file
  6. misterwiley

    Deck Railing outside deck edge?

    Actually, me too. I have run into a few different situations lately where railings have not been cooperating, especially around stairs and landings, in which I just build it in a separate plan and then convert it into a symbol. Symbols are are great as they don't randomly change on you if you walls or stairs change slightly and you can position them anywhere you like.
  7. misterwiley

    Deck Railing outside deck edge?

  8. misterwiley

    Deck Railing outside deck edge?

    My favorite way to accomplish this ATM is to create the deck/room with custom invisible walls set to 0.01" thick to define the room and then draw the railings with no room definition checked and positioned exactly where they should be either inside the room or on the exterior of the room. You can then resize the railing walls in elevation views to get the fascia mounted newel post style like a lot of modern decks are designed these days.
  9. misterwiley

    Game controller setting for video

    I have a PS4 controller and haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Haven’t been able to find and documentation from Chief yet either on how we are supposed to set this up or troubleshoot it.
  10. misterwiley

    Why is it so impossible to put in topo maps

    This is something that I've requested before and would love to be able to accomplish with Chief. I've done this before using sketchup with exported chief terrain models which actually worked out really well but never had any luck actually get a Chief terrain shape into a solid like you describe here. Would you mind making a little video of how you did the above step in method #1 but I also understand if you're to busy for that so no worries if not. I'll continue to tinker around and see if I can get it also. I appreciate all you contribute to these forums Micheal. Here is the post I made a long while make about this. I do wonder if this process has been made easier with X12 since they changed how poly-line solid and solids seem to work.
  11. misterwiley

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    I have a small SSD of 125gb for my C: drive and then a larger 1TB SSD for storing all my applications and such which is D: drive. One this to note that might be different then you setup is that Chief is also install under the D: drive and saving to the D: drive.
  12. misterwiley

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    Thanks for sharing the source there Mick. This all makes scenes to me now. I should come up with a shorter naming scheme for my files that have so many different options to them.
  13. misterwiley

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    Yeah I was aware of the 255 limitation but my file name was only 88 characters long here and throwing the error. Wasn’t until I got down under 75 characters that the error went away. That 75 character limit is definitely new to me. I also didn’t realize folders names counted as part of the 255 character limit. That doesn’t seem right to me but I’m also not sure. If that is the case this that would explain it I suppose.
  14. misterwiley

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    Can confirm that by simply doing a SAVE AS and shorting the name by 15 characters or so the error goes away. It didn't feel like the file name was very long but I guess Chief has some limitations in file name length that I was not made aware of. Any who, hope this helps someone else down the road that might run into the same issue as me.
  15. misterwiley

    Archive Error - Unable to Write

    Hey all, I'm having a strange thing happen with one of my plan files. This does not happen with any other plan file and seems to be related to the title length of the .plan file. If the name of the .plan file is to long then auto archive throws this error out at me. Has anyone else experienced issues when you have a file name which is long and have auto archive stop working?