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  1. From Tech Support....... Taylor B Thursday, Jun 20, 2024 - 02:45 PM PDT Hello Kyle, I spoke with our developers about this, and it seems as though this behavior in X15 was very much unintended and was causing errors in certain situations. Because of this, changes were made to block input from the 3dconnexion devices when dialogs are opened, bringing it in line with standard modeless dialogs. I apologize if it feels we've lost some functionality with this change, but seeing as this behavior was unintentional, this correction was done for the overall stability of the software and is not likely to be reversed. Taylor B Chief Architect Technical Support
  2. In X15 when I opened a DBX my space mouse would usually still work on the plan view behind the dbx which was awesome especially with the TAB input dimension DBX. However, in X16 this does not work for me anymore. Anyone else experience this or know a setting to get it working again?
  3. Make sure you aren't running out of hard drive space. That can sometimes cause strange things to happen.
  4. The GTX 1660 is not a RTX card which is why you can't do Real Time Raytracing, only standard ray tracing. You need a RTX 2000 or newer card. Check out the screen grab below of the preference panel you mention and the accompanying help file info. If it's grayed out, then your card does not support it.
  5. Straight from the help file. Sounds like your laptop does not support Real Time Ray Tracing. What are the specs? Global Illumination When Use Ray Tracing is active and checked, multiple samples of indirect lighting in the scene are created, improving the lighting quality with each sample. This setting and those below it will not be active if real-time GPU Ray Tracing is not supported on the system. See GPU Ray Tracing.
  6. Hey @Chopsaw, I recently bought a total station and I would love to know how you are making this table for exporting.
  7. I just ran into something odd. Seems like the Align/Distribute Along Line tool does not work correctly in elevations/cross sections like it does in plan views. Can anyone else confirm that or is it just me. Specifically I'm opening a elevation, drawing a horizontal poly-line, drawing two vertical poly-lines, selecting the two vertical poly-lines, clicking the Align/Distribute Along Line Tool, selecting the horizontal line, this brings up the Align to Line dialog box. I'm leaving the alignment radio button on none. Selecting Distribute Centers Evenly and Distribute Between End Points radio buttons and click ok. Lines do not center correctly or the same as they do in plan view. Wondering if I have a setting off or if this might be a bug
  8. Go into the room DBX for those two small rooms where you built the walls and check that the floor structure is the same as the rest of the house on that floor. My guess is for some reason that floor structure in those two little rooms is different which makes them frame differently. Also make sure those rooms are on the same framing group as the big room surrounding it. That's just a guess though. If not the problem then post the plan please.
  9. WORD!! This will be extremely welcomed. I also concur with Glenn that the mirror option would be used more than not in most cases for me.
  10. Hey William, Would you mind sharing your shipping container materials or images? I can't seem to find a good quality free ones online. Thanks!
  11. That makes sense to me. I think it would still help a lot of us out if they were able to put all this into a web UI under our account page like all the other subscription based platforms, I use, have. Calling in and figuring all this out over the phone I suppose does work but it feels old school and it seems we are moving into the future here so why not upgrade this area for simplicity and clarity. Just my opinion though, I'll give them a call later this week when I can find time during business hours.
  12. My SSA expires on January 17th 2023. I will be out of the country then and might not have access to renew. I just went to the products page to renew my SSA and was then presented with this message below. If you are making this new system so critical for us existing users to renew our SSA on time or face the consequences of a 300% price increase then might I suggest you revamp the renewal system for SSA that will show our current payment information, allow for backup payment information, early renewals, and other pertinent details at all times so we can modify payment details in case our credit card number changes, expires, or something else that keeps us from being active at the crucial moment. I feel like I share in some confusion and worry about how this is about to be implemented. I love Chief! Happy to pay for it. I just don't need extra steps or stress involved with it
  13. Yeah I found a stray toolbar that had a handful on it and deleted them and was able to add more. Strange though. I hope they lift the maximum allowed again. I'm getting into style pallets which are awesome for making custom toolbar shortcuts but do require a lot of custom library objects. Thanks guys!
  14. Anyone run into this error before? I'm using X14 with latest update. I do have a lot of custom library objects but not nearly as many as some other people. I think its a bug because even if I delete one of the existing library objects it still says I'm at the maximum.
  15. When you need certain rooms to frame against other rooms, I usually find that changing the framing groups in the rooms DBX to 2 or 3 while usually result in what you're asking. From the Help: Framing Groups When floor or ceiling framing is automatically generated, the program tries to create a single platform that spans as much of the structure as possible. If you need separate floor and ceiling framing in an area of your plan, as you might for an addition to an existing structure, assign the rooms in that area to a non-default Framing Group. The program treats different Framing Groups as though they were built at different times. Wall framing builds through and divides the floor framing in different Groups, while ceiling framing butts against a ledger attached to the ceiling framing of an adjacent Group. Framing Groups are assigned using numbers. The Default Framing Group is 1, which is built “first”. Each subsequently numbered group is framed as though it were added to the structure later. Although Framing Groups affect how both floor and ceiling framing is generated, the Build Framing for Selected Object(s) ../../Resources/img/btn/BuildFramingForSelected.png edit tool only builds floor framing. See Build Framing for Selected Object(s).
  16. I think I understand. What you want to do is make the new addition room floor structure with the 2x12s into another framing group which will give you the detail you are after. Play around with this setting and you will get what you want once you rebuild the framing.
  17. You may wish to have the inner walls sit on the lower roof and not go all the way down to the floor. Roof cuts wall at bottom is the setting you might need to toggle for those walls.
  18. They added the wall break tool to the actively selected tool bar so walls now break similar to everything else. Just select the wall you need to break and you will find the tool come up under the actively selected tool bar. Similar to all other objects this can also be quickly accessed by selecting the wall and hitting the number "3" on you keyboard. For more info refer to the help section. Cheers! P.S. the wall break tool actually still exists but is hidden because its no longer necessary with the improvements of X12. If you really miss it, you can add the tool back to your toolbars by going to the customize tool bars sections and searching for the tool. Drag and drop it where ever you want to.