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  1. This is my first time using Chief Architect and am naturally running into some problems. I created my building but when I went to look at it in the 3D view I saw there were gaps between my different levels. Where the walls line up there is only an inch or so of gap but on the front and back of the building where the second floor hangs over the first there's a much more significant gap. I've looked at other recommendations and none seemed to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi there! Wondering how to make a wider camera view in Chief Architect 12? Is there a way to capture more of a room / move the camera back specifically in bathrooms and small areas?
  3. New home.. much of the “spunky” selections are client driven. (Example- fridge, wood burning stove) etc. Outside view is a mess. I deal primarily with the interior side of things.
  4. Hello All!!! Thank you for your help! You are all geniuses! Plan is coming together! Still a work in progress, but I'm happy so far!
  5. Hello - That didnt work.. I'm still missing the ceiling. There is a large gap between the first and second floor.
  6. Wondering if someone could look at my plan again. The ceiling is missing on the first floor as well as some other odds and ends. Like mentioned, I use chief for more of the interior design items as I work for a builder who hires out an Architect. I'm self teaching and when things happen it's hard to know at what point it went wrong.. In this instance.. I think it was with the roof plane! Anyway, hoping you can figure out where my ceiling went on the main floor.. There are also some other odd things in the plan so far you might be able to see / fix.. See plan attached in a zip folder. New_Compressed_(zipped)
  7. Okay - Does this work? Very Rough at this point! Also, I included my signature so hopefully that pops up as well. I'm using chief 12 Govrik Plan.plan
  8. I just started this document. I'm not sure why as I move around the space, the walls are showing up like this!! As the camera moves it goes in and out of having the plywood material shown. I drew the exterior walls with a 6" insulated, 2 sides drywall and the interior as 4" 2 sides drywal no insulation. Super annoying and hard to move forward when it's doing this.