Hot Keys not working on PC


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I have a Mac,  hot keys work great.

My Dad has a PC ,  hot keys are not working.


He can have a plan and his hotkeys will not work.

I try importing hot keys,  can't do it.  I try customizing hot keys,  can't do it.  I take his plan and put it on my Mac and the hot keys works.


What could be the reason that the PC is not recognizing hot keys?  I am sure it is something easy to fix,  maybe a PC setting someplace that he inadvertently changed that turned them off.


thanks guys,

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Yeah,  we did that,  there are 3 hotkeys in there,  I am not sure if they are even default hotkeys.  IAE,  I should be able to add a new hot key....  just one hot key and I cannot.  I have tried importing hotkey lists and I have tried adding just one hot key via the CUSTOMOIZE HOTKEY DBX,  it is a no go.  


The attached pic is a pic of my list,  not the one from the PC.


It is so weird.  He called into tech and they suggested creating a hot key list ,  which is what you suggested,  so we did it and now what.?



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1 hour ago, dshall said:

Here is a pic of his hot keys



Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 9.03.38 AM.png


If he only has 3 hotkeys then I'd say Chief 's  .xml file in the Data Folder is corrupt ( or someone played with it :) )  as the Default file has 50-60 already setup...


there is a copy in C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X12 (64 bit)\Hotkeys


If he wants your HK file there should be no issue export yours and importing into his...... it's just a generic .xml file which PC's and MAC's should both understand with no issues.



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