terrain messed up


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I don't exactly know how to ask this question.  Image 3 and 4 show the home I designed sitting in its position on the lot.  I have sculpted the terrain to match the actual lot.  


We will have to do some site preparation to level out the area where the home will sit, and when I try to manipulate my terrain by surrounding the home with elevation splines set at a height of 0", for some reason it creates a hill that devours my structure.  Which is what you see in images 1 and 2.


I am trying to research how to use terrain retaining walls, and how to best manipulate the terrain so that I can do this project correctly, but I don't know what I am doing wrong.


Any help would be appreciated.


Using Chief Architect Premier X11.  I would upload the file but it is over 25 MB even after deleting the structure.







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Try deleting the plants and trees  then see if the file is smaller you will have made a mistake with terrain elevation data


also you could try changing the layer colour for elevation data in floor plan view to some thing that stands out to help with trouble shooting

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Gets it close for me.................. not sure it is correct though as I don't know the "true height of the building...


Not using automatic or using an elevation Region like Mark suggested is likely a better way to go...



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