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  1. I have a layout completed with over 20 pages for a project, but it was scaled to letter sized as I was printing it out at the office while we were finalizing it. Now my plan is done and ready to be resized to full size production plans. Is there a way to take the letter sized layout and change it’s formating? I can tweak the scale notes and I can tweak placements, but it would save a lot of time if I didn’t have to start from scratch.
  2. I'm trying to create a plan to send on to an engineer, and I would like to have a page in my layout to show the roof, along with it's pitches. Something similar to these two documents, which I did not create. These are just examples from a different project of mine. I did not make these in Chief Architect, but it is essentially what I am trying to create. Just don't know the best way of doing it.
  3. Is there any videos showing how to create a roof plan for a layout? I have a two story home with roofs on both floors, and I want to show the roof planes, with arrows and slopes. I have tried to find something, but I guess I’m using the wrong search terms.
  4. When trying to use my ray trace assistant, it is giving me an error. I can't really show it in a screen shot or I would include one. Basically, it is as if it is bringing up the ray trace assistant window, but it is doing so outside of my screen area... meaning I can't find the assistant window. I can't click on anything else either. The only way to get out of it is by clicking ESC, and then I can cancel it. Is there a way to reset the windows so that they pop-up on my screen?
  5. I've been using CA for a couple years now and I've never had this problem. My library browser is completely blank. it says all my libraries are up to date, but I can't find anything. I will attach a partial screen shot, but it doesn't show much. What am I missing? My signature ought to have my computer specs, but I am attaching an image as well. Using Chief Architect Premier X12
  6. Not concenrned with the size or style of the laptop. Would like the screen to be sizable enough that I can show my clients a fly-through comfortably. my primary concern is having an appropriate graphics card, Enough ram and such.
  7. Yes, both. It will be my primary chief architect computer, but I gotta I’ll need it to be a laptop so that I can take it to meet clients. i will be purchasing a large monitor to connect as a second primary screen while at my office.
  8. I am running Chief Premier 11 now, may go to 12 soon. But I’m getting a new laptop, and I want to be sure I’m buying an appropriate machine to take full advantage of what Chief Architect can do. I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  9. Here is the plan. I put it on my google drive as it was just over 25MB. You should be able to download and modify it with this link. I've found that it is my monolithic slab that is painted and I can't seem to undo that. I've tried both the suggestions above, but haven't found a solution yet. Scott
  10. At somepoint I must have painted my concrete foundation and patio floors black. I don't want them black, but I can't for the life of me find a way to undo it. I can't change the material for some reason. Any suggestions? computer specs in signature
  11. I am creating an original plan, and I have the floorplan essentially competed. I tend to be very longwinded, but I'll try to keep this concise. When I autobuild my roofs, the are outrageously complex. I just want to create a simpler roof than it is giving me. A 4/12 or a 6/12 would be fine... a mix of hip and gable, so long as it is attractive. This is the first plan I've created that have wings that are not just right angles. (All angles are either 90 or 45 degrees). Having these wings at 45 degree angles has complicated my project significantly, but there must be a way to adjust the roof in a way that is attractive without being so complex. I am attaching a few screenshots, as well as the plan itself. On one of the images I have circled the areas of my primary concern in orange, and the areas of lesser concern in yellow. The orange ones are the ones that I am most bothered by. I would really like to have a peaked ceiling in the livingroom, from front to back, and possibly have that ceiling carried through the entry as well (though smaller of course)... but that is something that can be addressed later. I am using Chief Premier X11, and I believe my computer specs should show up in my signature. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Scott Snyder_3C.plan
  12. ROBDYCK... I could absolutely purchase the plans... but that wouldn't help me learn the software. As I said... this is a training exercise... not a paying client.
  13. Yes, that was the origin. I am using this plan as a practice to get better at using the Chief Architect software so that I can do a better job when I work on actual client projects. I want this one flushed out so that i can try creating more framing, roof trusses, electrical plans, plumbing plans, layouts... all the things that make for a complete plan. I know these issues are really minor... but you know how it is, start with small problems, and leave them unresolved and pretty soon the whole thing is a mess. I want to get these figured out before I get too far. I've already fixed many issues myself, but these little things are just beating me. For example, when I to close the gap in the board and batten, the wall shoots through the roof... and changes shape much more than anticipated.
  14. Yes. I’ve don’t that... but it’s more the ceiling planes, gable walls and post/beams that have me scratching my head on this one.
  15. I'm struggling with cleaning up the rooflines and ceilings. They are pretty much where I want them, but you will see that there are just gaps. How can I resolve these? I'm just hitting a wall with this. Scott Chief Architect Premier X11 Snyder House.plan
  16. I have my plan in the 3D Viewer, and it is very cool in the VR headset, but is it possible to move through the model. I am able to look around from a stationary position, but it would be great to allow the client to move through the model, either by looking at a pilot point or by physically walking through an area. (I'd prefer if they could stand stationary and follow pilot points.) Does this make sense?
  17. I am creating a simple storage area in a detached office building. I am curious if it is possible to remove the interior wall surface (drywall) and just expose the studs and the sheathing? I like for my chief drawings to be as accurate as possible when showing a client... and this is just a minor issue, but I am curious as to how it can be done. Thanks, Scott Chief X11 Villalobos1.plan
  18. I would like to see the plan file of that so I can see what you did more clearly. Also, I am attaching another image. You see that white triangle in the porch? It's tied to the roof, but I can't see how. Scott
  19. ok, yes... they deleted for me too... NOW. I tried for 20 minutes this morning and they would ghost, then when I attempted to delete the ghost, they would return. They aren't doing that now. That's almost more frustrating. Can't figure out what is going on with that. But I want to say thank you Eric. You have been very helpful each time I've run into issues. Scott
  20. Ok.... here's an image, let me know if that helps.
  21. This is a plan that I have created that I am trying to clean up. If you look at some areas (especially in the master bedroom on the right side) you will see some walls that I have deleted are still ghosted in there. I can't tell if its a foundation, or an attic wall, or what it is, but I can't seem to remove it. It's driving me batty. Any other tips on cleaning up the plan would be greatly appreciated. I'm mostly self-taught so I am eager for any direction or guidance I can get. Thanks, Scott Chief Premier X11 JeremyClark11.plan
  22. and here it is on my google drive