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  1. DMJRestorations

    moving through VR model

    I have my plan in the 3D Viewer, and it is very cool in the VR headset, but is it possible to move through the model. I am able to look around from a stationary position, but it would be great to allow the client to move through the model, either by looking at a pilot point or by physically walking through an area. (I'd prefer if they could stand stationary and follow pilot points.) Does this make sense?
  2. DMJRestorations

    can't get file to 3d viewer

    Figured it out... Thanks
  3. DMJRestorations

    remove wall layer

    I am creating a simple storage area in a detached office building. I am curious if it is possible to remove the interior wall surface (drywall) and just expose the studs and the sheathing? I like for my chief drawings to be as accurate as possible when showing a client... and this is just a minor issue, but I am curious as to how it can be done. Thanks, Scott Chief X11 Villalobos1.plan
  4. DMJRestorations

    resized room errors

    I would like to see the plan file of that so I can see what you did more clearly. Also, I am attaching another image. You see that white triangle in the porch? It's tied to the roof, but I can't see how. Scott
  5. DMJRestorations

    resized room errors

    ok, yes... they deleted for me too... NOW. I tried for 20 minutes this morning and they would ghost, then when I attempted to delete the ghost, they would return. They aren't doing that now. That's almost more frustrating. Can't figure out what is going on with that. But I want to say thank you Eric. You have been very helpful each time I've run into issues. Scott
  6. DMJRestorations

    resized room errors

    Ok.... here's an image, let me know if that helps.
  7. DMJRestorations

    resized room errors

    This is a plan that I have created that I am trying to clean up. If you look at some areas (especially in the master bedroom on the right side) you will see some walls that I have deleted are still ghosted in there. I can't tell if its a foundation, or an attic wall, or what it is, but I can't seem to remove it. It's driving me batty. Any other tips on cleaning up the plan would be greatly appreciated. I'm mostly self-taught so I am eager for any direction or guidance I can get. Thanks, Scott Chief Premier X11 JeremyClark11.plan
  8. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    and here it is on my google drive
  9. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    That seems to have done it. screwed up
  10. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    yeah... says it contains no data... still working on figuring that out.
  11. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    I would be shocked if this worked, but here is the zipped file. Scott screwed up
  12. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    I’ve already tried that. Even when it is just the terrain and the elevation splines it is still at 29MB. surprises me... but it is. Adding retaining walls seems to be ineffective as well.
  13. DMJRestorations

    terrain messed up

    I don't exactly know how to ask this question. Image 3 and 4 show the home I designed sitting in its position on the lot. I have sculpted the terrain to match the actual lot. We will have to do some site preparation to level out the area where the home will sit, and when I try to manipulate my terrain by surrounding the home with elevation splines set at a height of 0", for some reason it creates a hill that devours my structure. Which is what you see in images 1 and 2. I am trying to research how to use terrain retaining walls, and how to best manipulate the terrain so that I can do this project correctly, but I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated. Using Chief Architect Premier X11. I would upload the file but it is over 25 MB even after deleting the structure. Scott
  14. DMJRestorations

    Library browser preview gone

    I don't know why, but I can no longer see a preview of a material or object from my library browser. I need to see the preview that I used to see, especially when selecting brick and tile. I'm sure there is a missing check box or something somewhere, but I can't find it. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
  15. DMJRestorations

    Changing first floor room heights after second floor is built

    SUCCESS!!! Thank you Eric and Graeme. PS: I greatly enjoyed coming to Idaho last September and I am hoping to get to attend another in person training soon.