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I have a problem that I am hoping to get some feedback on Re: soffits. I believe to be a X11 issue.  In my plan, i created open rafters first on attic level with no finished ceiling, the soffits would "glow" with emission. I am a part of Chief so I sent .plan to him to get feedback.  He took the file, put the soffit rafters on the first level and it fixed the problem on his computer.  However, when i did what he instructed on my own software, the soffits would still glow in physically based render with "improve lighting quality" checked, and they are downright black when the improve lighting is not checked.  He informed me it was  likely an X11 issue because he was able to resolve in the newest version.  Is there a work around I can do for this?   I am contracted out through a small construction company and they may not be upgrading to new version; So a work around would be ideal.  Thank you.  See attached files for images of problem.

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 12.38.59 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.39.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 1.41.39 PM.png

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Do you actually have roof planes built on the model? the glow is usually because there is no floor or roof Structure above.


The Black is usually caused in PBR, as the PBR "Lighting Engine" thinks the Surfaces are in another Room ( or outside) and don't need to be Lit.


And I'd suggest you check your Digital Locker as X12 is Free for those with current SSA.



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10 minutes ago, StaceyRamsey1 said:

@rgardner  Thank you for the help! I dont believe they are penetrating the roof structure.  How do i efficiently check to this?  Cross section?  There is a roof structure although its pretty wonky currently.  I am not the best at designing roof lines.

Yes do a cross section to see if the top of them are penetrating the ceiling plane.  

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4 hours ago, StaceyRamsey1 said:

@Kbird1 Hi! Thank you for your help/feedback.  Yes the model has roof planes, and most definitely a floor.  The roof is a bit wonky, as I am not stealthy at designing roofs quite yet.  I did send the .plan file to chief tutor and he said the all problems resolved in X12. 


Post the Plan when you have issues, otherwise it is just a game of 20 Questions......:) ........ way toooooo many things and settings involved.



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Drop the soffits that you used to make sloped beams by 3/4".

Delete the soffit along the window wall.

Copy and paste one of the sloped beams. Move it against the fridge wall, resize it to the depth of the soffit you deleted then drag it along the window wall.

That will fix all but the soffit over the fridge. I'm not sure about that one but the first issue is the roof planes above have a hole in them and don't meet properly. Fix that and then work on that other soffit. Might need to make it from a psolid to get what you want but that won't work with the roof and hole in the  wall behind it.


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