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Does anyone know why my pier and beam foundation floor joists and beams disappear when I try to do perpective and I have to back out of it? Open old one! I custom drawn floor joist and pads and 1 concrete block on each pad then drew beams and floor joists. I keep trying to pull siding down over to cover the beams and floor joists and then they all disappear. I need the floor decking to appear on a section over floor joist to with deck up level with entry and grass under home.


I did this project in Chief x11. I would appreciate any help in this apartment.




Newell Cheatheam

Katy,Tx. 77450


Floor Joists layout 02.28.2020.jpg

rendering 02.28.2020.jpg


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I opened your file in X12 and pulled the siding down as per your post. 


Here is the result.




So maybe this is an X11 glitch, or maybe try one of the following.

1) Restart your system and try again

2) Reinstall X11 and try again

3) Install X12 (I really like it)


Hope one of these works for you

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Thank you Mark#D,


Do you or someone else know how to bring the front porch deck up by Entry door with 4 steps to ground? Also put grass under apartment.


Newell Cheatheam

This is in X11. I have x12 but this small apt and main house in x11


rendering 02.28.2020.jpg


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you should be able to just draw the steps and for grass under  open terrain and un tick hide terrain intersection buy building plus rebuild deck framing it will raise as you have already altered the floor level

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30 minutes ago, Designer100 said:

Also put grass under apartment.


Grass does not grow so well under apartments.  Maybe a terrain feature with sand or gravel. 

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