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I am trying to wrangle X11 into combining windows into single units and I am either missing something obvious or the tools available are severely lacking. Attached are window units I am attempting to replicate. Some have hung windows in the middle with fixed narrow windows on the ends. The other has fixes windows on the ends and 2 casement in between.


As you can see there is no frame between the window sections beyond hardware, so simply mulling individual units does not cut it. I need the units to be combined within a single frame, such that window treatments can be within the frame.


Edit: If only a window unit could be manipulated with options akin to how cabinets are configured. Choosing horizontal/vertical separations, what each section of the unit is (hung, double hung, fixed, sizing, etc)



Am I missing an obvious setting?



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10 minutes ago, joey_martin said:

In the pictures you show, those windows are most certainty mulled together. They are simple butted with a mulling kit. Set Chief to have 0" separation and you can achieve the same thing.


EDIT: Probably arrived to the job site factory mulled.

Ah, separation then. Looks to of gotten rid of that part of the question.



9 minutes ago, solver said:


Looks to be what I am going for. How are the windows themselves moved outward?

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22 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

Have you used the HELP function in Chief, that explains all the features of the window spec dialog, and then tried things out, changing settings to see results?


If not, then why not start now?

The help function brings up the very same information I am looking at in this 5 pound manual I have already been looking at and spent a chunk of change on. I figured out that the setting I need to adjust is the frame's inset.


One of the issues with the existing windows is that they are nearly flush (the upper, static window pane) with the exterior. Doesn't appear to be away to reduce that excess frame in CA without also losing the frame from the interior side of the frame.


Updated attempt after quite a bit of settings poking:

Untitled 1.jpg

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