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I would like to add a pony wall in a kitchen behind the peninsula cabinets. I would like to be able to specify the height typically 34½ to 46½ but it could be anything. Then I would cap it with wood trim or a bar top. I've tried creating a railing but that seems to be 42" and the cap is difficult to modify. The pony wall I create (see attached) is clipping the cabinet crown and valance even though ht is specified at 46½" and the added countertop does not show in the 3D or elev.. but shows in plan view. There must be a way to specify a wall by height.





2019-12-13 -000003.jpg

2019-12-13 -000002.jpg

2019-12-13 -000004.jpg

2019-12-13 -000005.jpg

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13 minutes ago, PacNWMike said:

OK pony wall/railing w/cap only displays with the full camera or cross section elevation. Not with room camera nor wall elevation. (see attached)


Now to try to fix the floor orientation. Rotate 90°.



2019-12-13 -000006.jpg

use the material adjuster tool and adjust the texture 90deg.

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17 hours ago, PacNWMike said:

Not with room camera nor wall elevation. (see attached)


Nothing attached but this sounds like a Layer display issue in those two view types.... use your ALDO to determine the Layers in a full camera and then make sure they are on in Wall Elevation or a  Room (Floor?) Camera too


Wall Elevation cameras can also have railings and invisible walls set ti be "ignored" , so perhaps that is the cause?

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