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Sorry to be blowing up the forum this weekend, but I've got a project due Tueseday and am running into all kinds of things with a 70's as-built.  My latest issue is getting the footings of my slab foundation to align correctly with two projecting brick columns at the entry of the home.  When I auto-build the foundation it does a fairly good job, but ignores these brick column walls.  When I extend the already generated footings to cover these areas I run into all kinds of problems.  I have attached various images including a screen grab of the original plans from the 70's along with the Chief file.  Would someone please tell me how to accomplish this?  

footing plan.jpg

without footing.jpg

with footing.jpg

original foundation plan.jpg

photo of as-built.jpg


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1 hour ago, BrownTiger said:

Vs just drawing a slab footing?  Takes only 1 second





Thanks for the reply.  The slab on the front porch needs to be recessed for the brick pavers and there is no footing connecting the two brick column walls.  I was going to fill this area in with a polyline sold.

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Thanks for the suggestions.  Alchemyjim - I tried placing an invisible wall to "bridge" the two brick columns.  When I did this, the end caps of the brick walls disappeared.

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