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  1. Jason - I think what you're saying is if I make the layout box much larger than I really need, the image would show up with the correct aspect ratio. That is not what I am seeing. Further this makes it difficult to keep any consistency between each page. I am showing one camera view on each page of an 11" x 17" layout and would like all the camera views in alignment from page to page. Copying and pasting the layout box to a new page provides unreliable results and there is no function to relink a new camera view, so I would have to set up each new layout box from scratch and hope I get it close to the format on the previous page. As this would be so much work, I might as well export each camera out to an image file and use those within the layout box.
  2. My intended reasoning and process are exactly as you describe above. The aspect ratio keeps changing within the layout box (even when resizing concentrically) and this is a known issue by tech support. Further, the images do not automatically refresh leaving jagged edges even when idle.
  3. Jason - What is the "X" key? Some type of shortcut? Another potential reason for the problem on my system is that I have a wide screen 34" monitor that I split in half among two applications.
  4. @SHCanada2 @Kbird1 @robdyck As promised here is an update. I just got a call from Nigel in Tech Support. They are aware of the limitations with exporting camera views to layout. They are working on a way to batch print multiple camera views and/or send camera views to layout with a predefined aspect ratio. They felt both should be a feature within Chief although could not comment on a time frame. For now, the best way to go about it is to do what Rob and I have been doing by exporting each camera view individually to a file and then linking this image file to a layout within the plan set (if required).
  5. Jason - I just did. I'll let you know what I learn.
  6. I've just been compiling them in a PDF and sending to clients. I was hoping to automate the process by using layout so that future changes to the design would update within the layout box; however, the aspect ratio keeps changing although the layout box stays the same size. I guess the only way for now is to print them to file and insert into a layout box which defeats the purpose.
  7. I use them all the time for my cabinetry elevations. It saves a lot of time with all the revisions I have to make due to indecisive clients! For house plans, not so much.
  8. This is EXACTLY what I'm doing now. I was hoping there was an even faster way. Therefore, my attempt at printing them through layout which would make future revisions much easier.
  9. Yes, that's a nice feature of TM. AutoCAD has batch printing too which is why I am asking. I'm guessing it has something to do with the ever changing window size based on whether I have the browsers open or not. Like I said above, it's quicker for me to open each image individually and export as a JPG or similar.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am printing the camera images on ANSI A to PDF and I've never done it this way before so can't comment on the length of time. I've never included camera views in my larger ARCH D plan sets. All of the images for this particular job are using the standard renderer. I won't use PBR within Chief until they get it fixed (e.g. - glass behind glass issues). I am running into antialiasing issues in layout as well. I'm not sure why it's not working they way I though it should. I am having to open each camera view in the viewport and hit refresh each time I want to print. It was easier and much quicker when I was just printing the raw images without layout even though I had to open each one individually.
  11. Note that the order of the images are reversed from what I describe above.
  12. I have several camera views using the standard renderer that I want to send to layout. The aspect ratio as seen in Chief when the view is open in its own window is 1685 x 1177 (first image). This aspect ratio is 1685 x 1177 when the library, active layer display, and project browsers are all closed. When I send the view to layout, adjust the size of the layout box to my liking, and refresh the view, everything seems fine (second image). When I close the camera view or the entire file for that matter, the aspect ratio in layout changes (third image) upon refreshing or reopening. How is it possible make the layout box consistently match the camera view? As an alternative without using layout, is there a way to batch print all camera views? All of my interior jobs have anywhere from 12 to 30 camera shots. It is cumbersome to open each view individually, wait for the render to finish, and export the file. It would be nice if there was a batch printing feature. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Hi Susan. You're welcome. Just for clarification, Visual Comfort is not offering Chief Libraries - only DWG and SKETCHUP formats I believe - both of which can be imported into Chief. The models are quite good and have saved me much time.
  14. You're most welcome. The 2020 catalog must have belonged to 2020 if what Top Knobs tells me is accurate. Good luck in your endeavor getting more manufacturer's onboard. FYI - Visual Comfort Lighting is now offering 3D models for their newer products in case you didn't know.
  15. Susan - we use Top Knobs for most of our kitchens and bathrooms. I have contacted their customer support and they do not have a CAD department from which to publish the 3D models. Believe me, I have asked customer support and our sales rep on many occasions. What I've been doing is modeling my own hardware with all the possible installations - attached is the list to date. I'd be glad to share the catalog or individual pieces if you'd like but I warn you that some of the models are rather poly heavy. It sure would be nice if more manufacturers would start offering 3D models. If you're like me, you have a tendency to specify those products for which you have 3D models in Chief. Kevin
  16. Thanks Rob. You are 100% correct. I will never center my model at 0,0 again. This is actually the first time I attempted to center so no wonder I never encountered the issue before. Thanks again, Kevin
  17. I've just noticed this behavior today while starting a new project. Although my active dimension defaults are set to be nearest 1/16", Chief is rounding up to the nearest 1/8". In the first image you can see the dimension defaults. The second image shows what I'm running into - although the dimension line states 136 7/8", when opening a segment of equal length it clearly shows 136 13/16 (which is the goal). I've also attached the file. What setting might I be missing here? Thanks! CHF_7595 Newman Rd_01-29-23_AS-BUILT.plan
  18. Thanks again Doug. I really appreciate the help. I was looking at it for so long it's sometimes easy to miss something obvious. That 3rd shape was a polyline solid I used as a reference for the hole in case I needed to draw it again. Chief seems to have done a good job with these dormers. I have never had them perfect before and now I have 3 really good ones! Kevin
  19. Thanks again Doug. You are right. There's an extra roof hole that was causing the problem. I'll be sure to look out for this in the future.
  20. Thanks Eric. Really appreciate it!
  21. Eric - I'm not getting the same result. Are you copying everything at once including the roof hole or just the walls? Are you using reflect about or center object? Thanks.
  22. Thanks Doug. That did work for the exterior problems. Did you notice the wall problems on the interior? The right dormer when viewed from inside is perfect. The left, not so much. Thanks again, Kevin
  23. Thanks for taking a look. That is how I created the 2nd dormer in the first place.