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  1. Kyle - thanks for the feedback. Good looking floor plan BTW. Unfortunately I have three of these layout boxes on one page. When I get one or two in the correct position, the remaining layout box goes crazy. If this were only one layout box, I could close the camera view, position as needed, and call it done. I am now unable to even export the view as an image unless I accept the low-res active window size. When I increase the resolution, the images skew and are unusable.
  2. I've decided to export a higher res image instead of using live camera views. I'm running into another problem now. When I increase the resolution on export, the image is skewed. The first attachment is using active window size (no problem), the second and third images have been increased to 2K in width with "retain aspect ratio" checked. What's happening here?
  3. I understand (squeaky wheel and all). All the other cameras work so precisely. I am surprised that the ortho views are not as good. Thanks again for the help. I saw your other post about leaving YouTube. I have switched to Rumble. They've got some things to work out, but the platform is coming along nicely! I hope to see you back up again soon as I always watch your vids.
  4. Eric - I think that's what I'll end up doing. It's just a pain to get all the images to line up using this method. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks Rob. I got to that very same point, but when you send them to layout, they move.
  6. I swear they were in the same location to start. I used your method above by replicating the camera view and all was well at first. Then they started moving. I then re-centered each camera and they still move.
  7. I'll be glad to report it, I always do, but my question was whether or not this was a known issue. Sounds like it is seeing Rob's reply. In fact, I've reported several bugs and although Tech Support responds quickly, they never seem to get fixed.
  8. Yep, I've noticed that too... Thanks for looking at the file. Kevin
  9. Thanks Michael. I will give your 2nd suggestion a try. Is this a known problem with Chief that an isometric camera will move?
  10. Rob - I've tried that and eventually the camera moves (especially upon reopening the file) and the resolution here again is not high enough...
  11. Thanks Eric. That occurred to me too, however, the resolution isn't large enough when it goes to print.
  12. I'm engineering a 3cm stone hood to go in a kitchen. I'd like to show three progressive isometric views showing the various layers of construction. I have set up three different isometric camera views using three different layer sets. When I was finally able to get all three camera views onto the layout, the isometric cameras keep moving off center and I am unable to "pull" the layout boxes to get them re-positioned (end up with void white space as shown in middle). I also got a strange error at one time telling me to contact tech support, but it didn't stay on the screen long enough for m
  13. Thanks Rob. Didn't realize you could copy/paste a camera view.
  14. @solver It works okay if I scale uniformly holding down the X key while pulling on a corner. If I move anything out of scale it won't translate to the new view. What a pain this has been!
  15. @solver Encountered another issue - if I scale or adjust the layout box in any way, when I relink to the 2nd file, the scaling doesn't stick. Any ideas for this?
  16. Thanks Eric. I'm still working on it, but believe I must have used "save as" in the past for the camera view, so I'm going back to my originals and duplicating them, so I don't lose the color info. Then I use the original camera views and as you suggest, change to vector among other settings. Thanks again for the help!
  17. Now I did change the original settings for the cameras after both files were created by changing them to a vector render. Could this have thrown things off?
  18. Yes, they are identical in both plans. One is the As-built and the other, the proposed.
  19. Oh, and I've named both cameras the same in each plan, so that I can re-link - doesn't work!
  20. I've got a layout and on page 1 I want to show a camera view of the existing backside of the house. On page 2 I want to show a camera view of my proposed changes. Both cameras are generated from separate .plan files. There needs to be some stretching and resizing to get the view to fit the layout properly. I cannot figure out how to have both camera views show at the same size and in the identical place, however on two different pages of my layout - a sorta before and after that aligns perfectly when flipping through the pages. I prefer to use plot lines so that I can touch up, but is thi
  21. Hi Steve. There's definitely a problem. Did you make copies of the material and assign to different door fronts? It's this replication that causes the problem and Michael found the issue. Thanks.
  22. Michael - you are correct. It is the normal map. Thanks for troubleshooting this. I'll report it.
  23. Ryan - thanks for the reply. No, that's not the case. You can use the "Adjust Material Definitions" tool and see that they are unique materials. I did some more experimenting with different render styles and the problem persists - attached is the PBR.
  24. I've been creating some wood materials for my cabinet designs. When I try to make a copy of the original wood material and apply it to one of my doors to create variation in the grain, the overall appearance of the material gets darker than the original even though the texture maps and property settings are the same for all materials. In the attached image, I have left 5 of the inset slab doors with the original material. I copied this original material 5 times so that I could "move" the grain around to create some randomness (using the "Adjust Material Definition" tool and changing the hor