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  1. Okay, I understand. Didn't mean to sound ungrateful, just trying to figure it out... Kevin
  2. Rob - thanks for experimenting with this file. So, am I to assume that you didn't change the IOR of the glass and only added ambient lighting? No offense, but the image is now too washed out and was much more photoreal without the flat lighting. I hope I am able to achieve what needs to be done without the overexposure. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Rob. Please send your email address and I'll upload to Dropbox.  Thanks, Kevin

  4. Thanks Rob. Definitely an issue. Chief requested my plan file this morning which I uploaded. I'll report on what they say...
  5. Jintu - thanks for the input. It still doesn't work for me. Nice image you have there. Kevin
  6. Here's a render without refraction to draw a comparison. Chief - please get this fixed!
  7. Thanks Mick! Yes, that 2nd image was about a week after the initial fix back in August. It could have occurred in last week's update. I'll let you know the response from Chief. Kevin
  8. Thanks Michael. But would be even better if reflections showed behind refractive glass - at which time (not too long ago) they did.
  9. I’ve created a pendant symbol for a kitchen design I’m working on (image attached). The shade is glass with a glass bulb and parts of the metal downrod in the center obstructed by the glass shade. It appears that reflections behind glass do NOT work at this time. I started a thread months ago and thought Chief had solved this problem – guess not. I thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that the materials were contained within the same symbol. I squashed that thought quickly by creating two spheres, the outer of which was assigned a glass material and the inner, polished nickel – same problem. I am very close to achieving photorealism with this new PBR engine; however, I’ll never get there with this ongoing issue. Anyone have any suggestions (workarounds) or is this just a limitation of the rendering engine in its current state? Of course, I'll report this again! Thanks, Kevin
  10. Thanks Mark. I got it to work by pulling walls down. Tedious, but it worked. Kevin
  11. Yes, like that. What settings did you use?
  12. Here's a plan view showing the perimeter partition walls.
  13. I think the problem I've got is that there are partition walls along the perimeter too - see attached file. These walls do exist and need to be there. Any ideas? Untitled
  14. Thanks Joey. I've tried that and I get mixed results. It lowers some of the walls, but I lose the main ceiling of my structure - see attached.
  15. I'm working on a display for a retail plumbing/appliance showroom. The main structure has 12' ceilings broken up by 9' tall partition walls to create vignettes for product display (see attached). I've tried making these partition walls railings, however, I am then unable to insert doors and other cased openings properly. I've also tried defining rooms within the main structure with the ceilings removed. I get odd results using this method - second and third attachments. Would someone please tell me the proper way to go about this or at least a workaround? Thanks, Kevin
  16. Thanks Rob. I do have the offset correct as seen in the above post. I will report this to Chief.
  17. Hey Mick. Thanks for the reply. I do have the sink symbol with the appropriate Z position - see attached. It only seems to happen when I create a custom countertop by selecting all the base cabinets first. I will report this to Tech Support. The client requested side access to this cabinet for their electrical toothbrush. I thought it weird too as the fronts access is just as convenient in this case.
  18. Thanks for taking a look Joe.
  19. I've noticed that the countertop holes for sinks don't fill in correctly once the cut-out is made. This is happening when I create a custom countertop mostly. Anyone got a workaround for this? When I first insert the sink, it looks fine, but later I get the gap shown in the image attached. Thanks...
  20. There was an update a few days ago and the first one since this post started. I can confirm that it does not happen on every job. It happens with all my custom hardware symbols though.
  21. Any update on this bug? Dermot said it would hopefully be fixed in the next update. It is not! Creating a CAD detail from view for every elevation is too much work (do lots of kitchens and baths). Please advise.
  22. Sorry Mick. Just seeing where you asked which driver I was using. It's the version. What are you running into?
  23. I noticed that Windows Update did NOT find the latest driver for my RTX 3090 card. I had to go directly to NVidia to download. Here is a link for the latest RTX 3080 driver: I mention the above if you are merely relying on Windows Update to give you the latest - it won't.
  24. Thanks D. Scott. I've been using rendering software for about 25 years and only in the past 5 has all the training sunk in. I made great headway when I started studying photography as the same principles apply. It's all about light balance and contrast. After a while you develop an eye for it - although I hate to admit that it took me so long to grasp these concepts. In full disclosure, I did adjust the curves on the image above in Photoshop, but that was it. It would be great if Chief offered some post production within the software, but I suspect that's coming.