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Parametric shutters will follow the shape of the window they are attached to.  In your case, it looks like you have two windows (my example only had one).  You may be able to get the results you want by blocking the windows to create a mulled unit, then specify a round top arch for the unit, and then turn the shutters on for the unit.


For any case that you want to have shutters that do not follow the shape of the window, you would have to create a custom shutter symbol that has the shape that you want.


goofy shutter symbol.png

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1 hour ago, BlackDiamond said:

Ditto on this question except my windows aren't arched... they are flat topped but want the arched shutters. How do I accomplish that?

It will not do it parametrically if the window is not that shape.  If you want those style shutters on a square smaller window then you will need to create a symbol for the shutters.  Several ways to do that.

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