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  1. #3 worked to bring up the 1/2" of slab floor height but then my walls bottoms were off. #2 worked for those. I've been using this program for 7 years and haven't even begun to use all the options and commands. I wasn't aware those were even available. I do now and know they'll be very helpful. I've been adjusting the wall heights manually. You learn something new every day!!! Thanks again.
  2. I'm stumped.... I am working on a 4-plex on a sloped site so the floor levels of each unit are different. On the left end unit, when I try to change my standard basement floor level from -119 5/8" to -95 5/8" it works in all the 'rooms' but won't stay changed in the 1/2" space between the firring walls and the foundation walls. I've tried changing a firred wall to have no room definition so it included the 1/2" space but then the whole room goes back to the -199 5/8". I've tried everything I can think of and it just won't stay at -95 5/8". I've moved the footings up to the proper location but as you can see in the .pdf view, the windows are 24" too low and the slab in that 1/2" space is 24" too low. I can't seem to figure out how to get it to appear accurately. I've included the plan file just in case. I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks btw... I'm using CA Premier X12 firred space floor.pdf Building 16-50 51 52
  3. Thank you. It was off by so little I couldn't see it. Thanks.
  4. Yes... I use the ' join roof plane' tool all the time and occasionally use the 'build roof' option as well. In this instance, there is another roof plane below it - but not touching the upper roof plane. If I pull the lower roof plane away so that it is no longer up against the exterior wall of the upper roof plane, the line goes away. Once I pull the lower roof plane back against the outer surface of the exterior wall, the line reappears.
  5. Sorry... the plan didn't upload the first time but did the 2nd time. I've attached an image as well. Conley.plan Conley Image.pdf
  6. I'm viewing a house I've drawn in perspective full overview and one of the roof planes has a line extending out into space. If you click on the line, it highlights the front roof plane over the den upstairs. I've had this happen before and have had limited success in just deleting the roof plan or wall and starting over. However, this time, none of that has helped and I can't figure out how to eliminate the line. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Conley.plan Conley.plan
  7. Hopefully they'll add it to an upgrade sometime.... thanks for your response.
  8. Duh... Why didn't I think of that?!!! Not sure why it doesn't automatically open with V12 but that works... Thanks..
  9. Ditto on this question except my windows aren't arched... they are flat topped but want the arched shutters. How do I accomplish that?
  10. I'm running Version 12 but every time I try to download a new library and even though I click on V12, it opens my old version 11 and puts it in my V11 folder. I have to go copy it and move it to my V12 folder. Any ideas why?
  11. I just downloaded the latest update to X11 and ever since my trusses are acting differently. Normally when you open a truss or move it, the TR-# will re-label to the smallest unused number available or to match another identical trusses TR-#. It's not doing that anymore. In fact, I've had a tough time getting it to graphically change to an end truss once I check the end truss box. It has also allowed two similar trusses (one an end truss and one not) to be labeled with the same TR-#. I've had a tough time getting it to recognized that they are indeed different trusses. Any idea why or how to fix this? Thanks
  12. I am putting together a 6-plex where each unit is 30" higher than the one to the left. I'm assuming to do this I have to edit the floor and ceiling heights of each room on each floor of each unit after the 1st one. However, the 1/2" space between the basement firring walls and the foundation wall refuses to adjust. It stubbornly insists on staying at the -107 5/8" of the first unit. I've tried opening up that space to a room, adjusting the room heights, and then closing the walls but that doesn't work. I am using Premier Version 10. Two questions: -is there an easier way to adjust the heights of each unit without going to each room on each floor? -how do I get the 1/2" space to adjust? Thanks for any help