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  1. BlackDiamond

    Truss re-labeling X11

    I just downloaded the latest update to X11 and ever since my trusses are acting differently. Normally when you open a truss or move it, the TR-# will re-label to the smallest unused number available or to match another identical trusses TR-#. It's not doing that anymore. In fact, I've had a tough time getting it to graphically change to an end truss once I check the end truss box. It has also allowed two similar trusses (one an end truss and one not) to be labeled with the same TR-#. I've had a tough time getting it to recognized that they are indeed different trusses. Any idea why or how to fix this? Thanks
  2. BlackDiamond

    Changing Basement slab heights

    Perfect! It worked..... Thanks
  3. BlackDiamond

    Changing Basement slab heights

    I am putting together a 6-plex where each unit is 30" higher than the one to the left. I'm assuming to do this I have to edit the floor and ceiling heights of each room on each floor of each unit after the 1st one. However, the 1/2" space between the basement firring walls and the foundation wall refuses to adjust. It stubbornly insists on staying at the -107 5/8" of the first unit. I've tried opening up that space to a room, adjusting the room heights, and then closing the walls but that doesn't work. I am using Premier Version 10. Two questions: -is there an easier way to adjust the heights of each unit without going to each room on each floor? -how do I get the 1/2" space to adjust? Thanks for any help
  4. BlackDiamond

    Flooring Set

    Thank you!!! Worked perfectly!
  5. BlackDiamond

    Flooring Set

    Hi.... I need to create a Flooring Set that shows each rooms flooring graphically. I want to be able to have it show for the 'Flooring Set' but not on my dimensioned/noted floor plan set. How do I do that? Basically I need the hatch pattern to be on a separate layer that I can turn on and off.
  6. BlackDiamond

    Missing floor area calc and title on level 0

    Thanks Michael. I don't know why I didn't think of copying/pasting it! I tried every thing else. I guess that's what this forum is for... LOL
  7. BlackDiamond

    Missing floor area calc and title on level 0

    Thanks Eric... that worked. Not sure what happened!
  8. BlackDiamond

    Missing floor area calc and title on level 0

    Now it's not showing up on the main level either. Hmmmmm In the past, I've always just started with a previous plan and deleted all content to start a new project. But we appear to be having crash issues when editing sections from plans created in X8 in X9. So... with this one, I started fresh with a new plan in X9 and tried to re-create all our defaults. I've attached the preliminary plan that's having the issue. Thanks Chumley.plan
  9. BlackDiamond

    Missing floor area calc and title on level 0

    Yes... I have a floor plan drawn and the rooms are labeled. I've also turned on the room interior area layer so that I can estimate what the total sf is.
  10. I am using X9 and have either inadvertently deleted the level title and area calc or it wasn't there to begin with. I've tried unchecking it in the plan defaults, clicking ok, then re-opening it and re-checking it. I've tried re-starting CA. I've also tried the plan check in tools. Nothing brings it back. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. BlackDiamond

    Not rendering

    I've been working on a project that is larger and more detailed than what I've done in the past. The client is wanting a lot of custom base, casing, etc. I've been using the 3D modeling and it's turning out well. But... Now my camera views are coming up blank or look like a wireframe. I'm not sure if my file is corrupted or if there's a limit to how much detail or how many cameras you can have. I spent 3 hours working on details with the client and near the end, the camera views were starting to not render or render improperly. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. I am creating wall views for the interior designer and using the 'wall elevation' command under 3D. However it always shows a flat ceiling and doesn't show any vaults. Is there a way to accurately show the full gabled wall?
  13. BlackDiamond

    Door casing

    Works perfect! Thanks
  14. BlackDiamond

    Door casing

    I am trying to re-create this 'look' on columns. I know how to make the thickened casing but can't figure out how to stop it half way down the arched opening. Thanks
  15. BlackDiamond

    Dimension display accuracy

    I just had a new hard drive installed AND upgraded to X9. My dimensions are displaying as 17'4.000000001" even though I have my accuracy set to 'Smallest fraction: 1/16" and NOT Decimal Places. How do I get it to display the accuracy specified in my default? I checked the dimension and it's Primary format is the default. Thanks