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Hi friends

I have been trying to draw U shape stair with 11 treads on each flight using Ushape tool in stair dialogue to a 3 story building.

My problem is that I cant create stairwell, I can't change the width of the stair and landing.

there are many videos on this website but non is helping my this problem, even on you YouTube I can't find, maybe my search string is wrong in this.

I have attached a draft design for help


I will be grateful if any one can help?



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First, before I would even try to fix the stairs, I would fix the walls.  You have brick-6 walls on the interior of your building.  Surely, that can't be intentional?


Next, your landing and stairs are not connected because they are overlapping. If they are not actually connected, they will not create a proper staircase where the automatic heights can do what they are supposed to.  I find that it is easiest to snap stairs to landings by using the point-to-point move tool or by dragging the stair end handle using the middle mouse button.  You can also use the dimension tools to properly locate the stairs and landings.


Next, your landing and stairs are overlapping your walls.  I would make sure they are properly bumped up against your walls rather than overlapping them.  In general, stairs work best when bumped against the surface of the wall but overlapping the drywall layer can work as well.  If you intend to have walls underneath the stairs, I would always make sure that you overlap the walls completely.


As a general rule, stairs will give you the least amount of problems if you are very accurate in how you lay them out. 

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Thanks Dermot Dempsey


I saw this video but it is not as complete as it should be, in this video the stair well is already there, in my case I cannot create a stair well

I am adding actual  drawing wherein I have to put the stair, 

I hope you can help me on this, I want to learn the process. for future needs also


beside how to upload larger file???




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1 hour ago, DRAWZILLA said:

Steve, if you hit the control key while selecting a part of the stairs, you can adjust just that section however you want to. been that way for many years

Perry - thanks. I never knew that.  Everyday I learn something new.  :)

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