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  1. it was a mistake and i did not knew how to get rid of it
  2. Thank you Ray I have tried it as you have suggested but I cannot find the tool send back / bring forwarded Maybe using that i can achieve the result. Can you send me the path of that tool? Thank you
  3. Hi Friends I want to reproduce this design, I have attached file in which i have done some initial works just to check. How ever lighting up the back of few tiles is a tedious job which i couldn't do it. Can any one suggest how to do itBack was draft design.plan Thank you in advance Back wall draft design.plan
  4. I have temporarily sorted the issue, I was using 6" depth, Now I have used 6" depth which has removed this glitch. I don't know why it is done but now it is ok Thanks to all of you the reply of second part of my question is still awaited, Maybe Chief people can help?
  5. Please check this, on the same drawing i used try ceiling tool without clicking the recess tab Naturally i must be doing some mistake
  6. I have tried that but it is not giving right result thats why i came to forum
  7. Hi Expert friends I have recently faced a problem, I sketched a couple of rooms and have drawn false ceiling using tray ceiling tool in x12, due to some reasons i had to add a new story over the building. As it was done it showed me triangle highlighting some problem in every room, when i clicked that triangle it read (failed to construct a tray ceiling, cannot recess a tray ceiling into a rooms floor platform, Enter turnoff Recess into the ceiling option or choose a location that is not below another room) Can anyone help me to tackle this issue. I have attached a picture of sample problem please see the drop, framing is visible. Secondly can we use this tray ceiling to make a drop down ceiling instead of recessed one? Thanks in advance
  8. Hey Friends I have used the excellent tool for ceiling in x12, while creating a ceiling it say (recessed) however i want a drop down in the center, but unfortunately i could not find a solution, exvept to make a counter top or poly line solid and raise to required level, can any on help in this, a sketch is attached.
  9. Thank you David for quick response, for this I have attached a sample plan. I have attached again Sample glass partition.plan
  10. Hi Friends, I was creating a glass wall and wanted to put some sort of frosting using wall covering, but that does not (naturally) continue on the glass slab door, Is there a way to do that? Sample plan attached Sample glass partition.plan
  11. Thank you and thank you all, great forum great teachers
  12. Hello Expert Friends: I am trying to resize the window treatment covers as per site requirement, The curtains are controllable from top and bottom but not from side (if i am not missing out) the sides of the window frame are visible. The blinds are placed inside of the window frame, what if i need it over the windows. Thank you in advance, Sample file attached WINDOW TREATMENT.plan
  13. Dear All Thank you to all those friends who have removed me from negative list I don't know what that negative marks meant but they were quite embarrassing in some sense. Thank you again
  14. I am surprised to see negative points. have I offended some one??? if yes I humbly apologize for that to whom i have offended
  15. Hi Friends I have accidentally activated label command, now on each item from catalog is showing dimensions, names of the item which is getting annoying I cant figure out how to disable it Can any one help
  16. This WE was meant for me not for any other, it is a grammatical error no offence sir
  17. in this way can we make schedule for windows ??
  18. I have attached the plan wherein i have tried to make a curtain wall with the help of nana wall, and windows, but did not succeeded. I am also facing a problem (dont know how to) lift the road level or terrain level 6' above ie join the lower of upper stair and top of the stair going downwards. thanks in advance Anwar height.plan
  19. thanks one thing more not mentioned here, can we built a glass curtain wall on a multi story building, if yes, how some thing like this or so:
  20. Hi friends: I have been trying to design a 4 story building with columns. Adding additional stories is no problem, but while i create the stories/floors, colums are not copied in that floor. May be i am missing something. Any one can advise. I am attaching a sample structure for this to get familiar. thanks Sample building.plan