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Does anyone know if it is possible to write a macro that you could put on the main floor view and would output the total sq.ft. of exterior brick?  I know that the material list provide it but it would be nice if you could have a text box that would spit certain material sq.ft. out on the fly.

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This can be done - but it's a big job because you have to accumulate all the wall materials as well as the opening sizes (stored in a global variable) and then read that data to create the output totaled.  In order for it to be accurate it would need to be updated at periodic intervals.  


IMO it's not worth the effort but I can provide you with a price if you want me to create the required macros.

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I would charge $300 for the macro system.  


Learning to create macros requires 3 things:

  1. Learning the Ruby scripting language
  2. Learning what object attributes are available in Chief.
  3. Determining how you should access and use the attributes.
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17 minutes ago, 4ddesign said:

Joe,  could you let me know what it would cost to write the macro.  Also any tips on what could help me learn to create my own macros?

Buy Joe's macros and try and discern the logic, it helps me when I am creating a script. 

I don't remember if Joe offer's training or not, I know @Alaskan_Son does..well worth the investment in time savings if you're doing more than 10 drawings a year.

Also take a look through @BrownTiger 's old posts as well as @GerryT, these guys know their stuff

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3 hours ago, 4ddesign said:

Also any tips on what could help me learn to create my own macros?

I"m not one of the macro gurus mentioned above (do look for posts by them elsewhere) but have been going through the learning. I've tried a number of things what works for me may not work for you or the reverse.

Go through the Ruby Tutorial in Chief-more than once and occasionally after. There is also some useful info in the current Reference Manual.

Look at macros posted on the forum and try to understand them. Test parts in the Text macro management console.

There are a lot of resources on the web: pdf books, cheat sheets, and what I call Ruby Central

I like physical paper books but found very few useful beginners books-some are positively useless."Ruby Programming For Beginners -The Simple Guide to Learning Ruby Programming language Fast!" is small, intimidating and OK

Forget about fast-go slow. Learn to enjoy the expression "Evaluation Error"

Do small things first (maybe for a long while)

Get a language aware text editor (I use Notepad ++, think Joe has a better one?)

Do NOT install Ruby on your machine-it will only confuse you.

A great deal of what is written applies only to Ruby on your machine and not in Chief-skip those parts.

The one book I found that really useful for me is "The Well Grounded Rubyist" which can be had in a bundle combining a physical book (Pbook) and digital formats if you get it fromt he publisher (Manning)

Different folks have different styles of working with Ruby some will make more sense to you than others. Don't let it bother you if you don't get what one person offers that is different from what another offers. There are often several ways to get something done in Ruby.

I've had some time with several people-sometimes it's helped a little, sometimes not so much. (Think it's how I'm put together). YMMV

IF it's really important pay one of the folks who does this to do it for you. Most of what I do is simple so I can now manage. The few things that are complicated, difficult are not important to me at the moment so I'm just fitting them in somewhere along the way (charity work if you will)

Above all be patient.


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