Room Name Schedule, Short Name / Long Name?


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I have a Room Sch with room number & Room Name.
Due to the size of the room label & the room itself, the room name is often shortened.
Like Equip2  for Equipment 2. So in the Label needs the short one & the Schedule needs the long one.
To complicate matters using custom room labels makes the plan too slow with 77 rooms on the 1st floor.
I see extra columns in the room number schedule like "Code" & "Comment" but only see these referenced from the room in the material list associated with that room.

Any solution to that issue?

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Could you use a Room Finish Schedule with Room Name and Room Type ?  Enter the Room Number Manually and let the Name and Type populate automatically ( once they are set up to function that way ).

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When using notes, labels & other non-room label schedules there seems to be a performance hit when panning & zooming with such a large number of schedule items.

The Rich Text Labels with macros in them noticeably slow the program down. This is not evident with built-in room labels.

Obviously, Chief did not plan on a 77 room house but using the program on commercial buildings is bring to light the programming shortfalls.

We (I) need a way to stop the refresh of the Table & notes to speed things up.

Window & door schedules are not as bad but I wait as late as I can to add them to the plan.

So with visible schedules for room finishes, doors, notes, room numbers and windows the plan can be painfully slow for a 77 room plan.

I often delay creating the window & door schedules to help.

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