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It very well could be a problem with your video card or the drivers.  Out of date video card drivers are the number one cause of camera view problems.


If all of your other camera view tools work fine, but none of the overview tools do, then it could also be something wrong in your model.  If you have something in your model very far away from the rest of the model or something that shoots way out, then this could mess up the way the program calculates the center of the model for the overviews.


If all else fails, then you should contact tech support during normal business hours for additional help

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15 hours ago, decorators3 said:

Hi I have my camera view active  but wen I activate PERSPECTIVE FULL OVERVIEW  my screen is black.. I move my cursor all over the screen plus use the zoom tools but it doesn't show up  only a blank screen 2135871369_cameraleftperspectiveblankright.thumb.JPG.d248d7e16c7ca4f7870ac83b4c9c7d1d.JPG any suggestions??




 I am leaning to what Dermot said , since it appears you Full Camera Plan View what and where does the Overview Camera show pointing at?


Posting the Plan may help and be quicker too .....less of the 20 questions game....



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