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  2. HI I have been trying to determine exactly what INDEX OF REFRACTION means in exterior ray trace view. I see various options for glass but not sure if this is something I need to adjust or go with what the system has default. If the glass is adjusted does it make any difference to the window reflection Thanks Levina
  3. I don't know what happened or why , but I was changing my terrain perimeter and suddenly this blue circle appeared and my program froze - can't close it or save it - If I Leave it long enough will it work it way around and let me work on my project. I'm afraid to shut down my computer in case I loose what I have, I checked out the error encounters on CHief but none if it works if I cant access the edits or saves or anything else Has anyone encountered this issue? Thanks in advance Levina
  4. send me your email ,will do etransfer your fee 20230320.plan
  5. ok I will follow your instructions and up load plan , be about half an hour
  6. ok I can do that but will I be able to do the reverse action and render in CA11
  7. I am operating on CA x11 Can I hire out to have a roof completed, I've uploaded my plan the - the completed png image that was so graciously provided to me by garybills.. My plan is uploaded but I need assistance. Just cant seem to get get pitches right or follow the notes .. I've been working this for too long and am very frustrated, I want to hire out to get this roof in place so I can complete the exterior rendering and landscaping for my client Many thanks for ct 20230320.plan
  8. I want to hire out to get my roof done please. If someone in Canada can help me that's great.
  9. Thanks I will give it a go. Because I'm so frustrated and can't think straight if I can't get it ,, I will hire out for the roof as suggested by ROBDYCK
  10. thank you I will try and follow this
  11. that was my problem thanks FOR CT.plan
  12. how do I send a link My files is 4.4 mb but won't upload - error message
  13. geese I'm really messed up ,, I've since reset all to default and this is how my roof looks now,,I think can do it. I cant seem to be able to upload my plan - sends me error messages
  14. Hi Usually I don't have too many issues with roofs , I am trying to create a rendering for this plan. but the roof plan is very confusing to me. I tried to auto build roof ( you can see how that turned out by image below ) then change from gable to hip and vice versa depending on the plan but it doesn't seem to work. Then I tried manual roof planes but that didn't work. I'm trying to figure out the roof plan the architect did so I can recreate it in 3D it. Am I making too much of this? I'm two days now trying to get planes to join, If someone could just explain the architects overhead roof plan then I can try and copy it. I've watched the videos I have no issue with the front and rear gables it's the side gables that I cant seem to get right elevations show the roof structure I'm following Any suggestions are welcome, In the meantime I will continue on with manual roof planes Thanks Levina architect front and rear elevations.pdf architect roof view.pdf architect side elevations.pdf
  15. How can I send my plans to an architect/engineer
  16. thank you all for your responses .. greatly appreciated Levina
  17. Hi I am working on a residential renovation project The current house is a standard one level 40 x 24 with have a full 8' finished basement (not walk out) with L stairs to main floor . Exterior walls are Siding 4 and will follow upwards with the same The client has requested the following revisions redesign main floor layout change main floor from 8' to 9' ceilings add second level with 8' ceilings 12/12 gable roof pitch with storage room and dormers I have done the revisions but how do I note the added one foot to the main floor on my drawings for an engineer to sign of on to get the city building permit Thanks in advance Levina
  18. Yes, it is on an outside wall so I will keep that in mind. Thank you!
  19. thanks, I'm hoping this will give me the much-needed space for the upper level. maybe will have to remodel the basement stairs to an L-shaped to accommodate certain built ins but for now I'm good with the placement of the straight stairs to the send level and the exterior style of the Cape Cod look still shows Again Thanks
  20. Hi I am redesigning a house for a client. Currently it is a one level bungalow with full finished basement. 40' wide by 22' deep. They want to add a 2nd story above the main level. On the main floor there are strait stairs to the basement (sort of in the center of the 40 ft width. which he wants moved to give more floor space to main floor. Ok that's fine. - he wants a cape cod style look with gable over the upper windows ok that's fine, here is my issue - one request is large closed in foyer about 8 x 6 with interior door into main floor. this reduces depth from 22 ft to 18 ft where he wants stairs as you come in going to 2nd level. can't happen - will not leave enough walk around space on the main level. plus, I will lose valuable floor space on the 2nd level where he wants me to incorporate 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms see the attached glass house view and let me know if these are the best style stairs to give me as much living space to work with as possible thanks Levina
  21. I have been working on this feature for days but just cant get the look of the purple shadows shown in the video as parallel lighting You can click to to place a point light but if you drag you can create a spot light pointing in the direction you want. have done this but still not working. sort of a purple glow but I end up having the blue spot light showing on the house. When I use the Launch Assist for DARK I end up with the Caustic feature which slows down ray trace and when I uncheck the Caustic I loose the Launch Assist Which one should I use EDIT OR LAUNCH ASSIST. Also when does the sun toggled off come into it ?? The videos are great and I am learning for sure but they are not perfect and do not explain the variation in the two ray trace options unless I am missing something. I have been using CA for many years and still playing with exterior ray trace issues. My interior ray traces are totally different PBR works well but not for exterior tracing You all have been very helpful and thanks in advance for your assistance. Levina
  22. I did what you suggested but I did not see any option for parallel light .. the screenshot attached shows the exterior rendering lighting specification dialogue options for night time rendering but does not explain how to create or find the parallel light.
  23. Hi I have been watching the video tutorials on exterior rendering primarily the lighting features and effects . Can anyone tell me about PARALLEL lighting placed facing the buildings exterior??? I can't locate anywhere. Cad arrow does not convert ...also where do I find the lighting for the interior rooms that show a yellow glow . I've tried the electrical but only see the auto LGIHT for ceiling which is a light fixture not a glow. Its probably so easy but for the life of me I can't figure it out. My exterior renders are not bad but would be more affective with the features available in said video Much thanks Levina