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  1. not sure about exporting dae never done it before
  2. Thank you so much. I would definitely follow your instructions - such a good idea for a step by step course would be s helpful.. Showing is so much more informative There is so much out there that I don't always know which is best or how to go about getting it done Cheers Levina
  3. Hi I see some fabulous renderings on CA facebook.. Are these designs created with CA and then rendered outside CA site.?? My renderings are not bad but some of the ones I see look so realistic.. I'm wondering where they are rendered If these samples I see are done thru CA ' rendering feature then I definitely need more practice and instruction. If there are other sources can anyone tell me the best ones to look into.. Many Thanks CA x 11
  4. ho i didn't and no I don't. I will do that now thanks
  5. decorators3


    When I try to build a deck it does not create the decking plus and it separates the lower level to the second level between floors. any assistance.? thanks in advance
  6. thank you all for your responses and heloful advice
  7. decorators3


    HI I downloaded the X12 free trial to check out whether i want to upgrade form X11. Here's my issue. When open previous plans to edit it comes in under the X12 - which I don't want .. How do I open my current and past plans in X11 Thanks Levina
  8. oh I didn't know I could do that Thank you
  9. Than you all for your recommendations ..I am saving them all . .Stephen I don't have x12 so i cant open without upgrading but will I will follow your instructions . Thanks again. this forum is a great way to seek assistance..
  10. here is the plan.. 2nd sharpe house.plan
  11. the attached shows how my returns came out
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    Hi Attached is an image showing my concept on the left and actual house on the right with 2nd floor bay window circled I have been at this for a over a day and a half. Here's my issue I tried the build "bay window" install but couldn't get the roof to look as it is in the picture. I then tried manually building the bay windows and still cant get the roof line like in the photo. I've read the manual and watched videos but the returns do not look at all like in the photo sometimes the boxed return just look lot a lot of fascia I even tried the roof dormer ( but of course it did not work no roof to install it in . ) I used the wall specification to ensure the wall is a gable wall.. When I actually do generate a reasonable facsimile ( not a good looking one) and go to change- update or delete a component then my full roof return disappears Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks so much. Its great information..!!!!!
  14. How can i determine the size of the knobs and pulls and change the sizes
  15. yes a rotate handle would be easier at first glance for sure.. All replies are very informative and thank you
  16. thank you for all your replies. great to know that that there is always help in this forum!!!
  17. I deleted the rope molding on the ceiling and the error message has not returned
  18. hi Please see image below shwoing error message.. keeps coming up everytime i add an item ..any suggestions on what this is and how i can fix it thanks
  19. Hi .. thanks what's a (psolid)?
  20. hanks for your reply.. your space man without the backdrop would not have the same visual effect for sure! I am currently working on a house exterior and plan on implementing it into the street view so client can see is house in comparison to his neighbors. So what your saying is in RAY TRACE the backdrop (if a quality image) will affect the quality of the overall rendering but not take up any additional time . unfortunately I can't use material definition on the backdrop if it is not of good quality again it is a matter of choice can you tell me if there is a specific way to get quality street views into CA for backgrounds Thanks Levina
  21. Hi Can you tell me if backdrops make a difference in rendering quality and time.. is it better to have backdrop or not. when I import street view will it interfere with my ray trace or PB rendering Thank you