Generating a roof over a cement patio


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Ok, so I cannot find a way to generate a roof over a covered patio. Basically it will be over the front entry door (a mini gable), not the same height as the rest of the single story gable roofed house. The roof generates over top of cement patio which is at ground level OR at the same height as the rest of the house. I have tried room divider walls, slab foundation, changing the level (from 0 to 1) and I've also changed the settings on the Room Specification Structure options to add height to my 4 in. mono slab. Any suggestions or other options?

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20 minutes ago, Michael_Gia said:

If you create your front patio like you would create any “room” in Chief, that is, with invisible walls in your case, then just open the “room” dialogue box, and set the ceiling height you want. 

Build roof, tada!


and make sure the Room DBX "Has Roof" Check box is checked , though if it is named a Porch it should be on by default , unlike a Deck.



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I think OP's issue is the same that most of us have initially with this software.  We get caught up in the human lingo of "outside" and "balcony" and "wall" or insert any other English language representation of any physical part of a house.  We forget that this is all an illusion that Chief uses to make us think the software is smarter or just as human as we are.

We lose sight that for Chief, these are all just lines or vectors in space as calculated by a mathematical formula.  For Chief there is no such thing as a wall or floor, roof or door,... they're just lines.

I remember this hitting me hard when I first saw a video by Scott Hall, where he used a cabinet to draw a column or some other non-cabinet object.

I watched in horror as he did this, (probably my ADD acting up, lol)

I was certain that using a cabinet in this way would somehow mess up the plan in some other way since Chief would get confused with this non-intuitive approach...Chief doesn't care. ha ha  

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