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I was playing around with different ways of sending the elevations into my layout page and I noticed on every one of them it does not show the stucco pattern. I tried looking around but couldn't figure out how to get the stucco pattern into the elevation view. Is this even possible to do?



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20 minutes ago, Chopsaw said:

Add a custom Pattern in the material DBX.  Show a vector elevation view.   Sand might be a good choice.


No luck trying to make that work. I can select vertical or horizontal siding and it will show that pattern but I can get it to show the stucco (sand or concrete) pattern. There doesn't seem to be a simple solution. 

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Using Adjust Material Definition tool, open Define Material for the wall, Pattern tab.


Under Pattern Source click "Use Custom Pattern File"


Under Custom Pattern options, File, click Browse


navigate to your CA Patterns Folder in CA Data folder


Choose ChiefSiding.pat


Under Pattern popup, choose Stucco


You'll need to play around with Scale, I find 0.1 works well. 

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