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Does anyone know how to make material patterns, I have tried the scanning, then .bmp, then rename to .pat to no real success.  I have several templates for stone, etc. that would be handy sometime.

Thanks for the help in advance.


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You need to read up on materials and the difference between a texture and a pattern.


Any material can have texture (picture which displays in a standard view) and a pattern (cad lines forming a pattern which displays in a vector view) assigned to it.


You can't change a texture into a pattern - they are 2 completely different things.

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Have you looked at all of Chief's "Custom" pattern folders.  If not, you should check them out.  There might already exist patterns that are close to what you need.  In addition to the default pattern folder that are available when assigning a fill, there are 11 other custom pattern folders of various materials types that are accessible via. custom > browse.  Below is a PDF that a fellow Chiefer (???) provided on the forum awhile back that shows the various patterns in those folders.  I have printed a copy of this file and use it as a "cheat sheet" reference which is quicker than migrating through the folders to see what is there.


Fill Hatch Patterns Cheat Sheets.pdf


 Here's a copy of a 2001 ChiefTalk thread with some info on doing patterns.  Not sure if it will help you figure out how to make a pattern or not.  Looks way too complicated for me ... I will make do with what's available and hope the Chief dudes will give us more as time goes on.




Here's a Joe Carrick thread from 2007 that has more information on the subject:


Creating Fill_Hatch Patterns_JoeCarrick.pdf


If I can find more info I've saved from old threads I will post it.  Will probably have to go looking on my old computer to find more.


If you haven't explored the custom fill folders yet, here's a few images on the subject:


post-191-0-55052900-1410143971_thumb.jpg       post-191-0-15257200-1410144132_thumb.jpg       post-191-0-50097100-1410144189_thumb.jpg


You can tweak the settings of your materials to get the pattern to display at different scales.  Maybe you've already figured all that out.



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Thanks for the input, I was trying to add new patterns, I had been to the custom files, but really wanted a few more, I have burnish templates (now telling you I bought these in 1973 and some still in original plastic as I bought two sets) these where the thing when doing vellum drawings.  They did good for the time, but I wanted to adapt to chief now as many of them are ahead of Chief patterns.  I have tried the .bmp and then .bmp to .pat --no luck--I can only scan and then try to adapt.  Maybe this defines the problem, there may be no solution, but the chief techs say there is a way

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