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From the image, it looks like your stair thinks it is connected to a railing at the top.  When the stair is connected to a railing, the railing usually makes the post, not the stair.  Since there is an obvious gap in your railing, I would first try to fix this and see if you can line up the railing post where you want it.  You can always manually place posts but I don't think you should need to in this case.  If all else fails, post your plan or contact tech support for additional help.

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7 hours ago, Spectrum-Design said:

Drawing a rail to "Follow Stairs" did the trick.  Thanks Chopsaw!


And everyone else!

Stair Rail 3.jpg


It's not usual , at least not here, for the top Tread to be flush with the Deck like that, so that is why I think the Program is a "little" confused.....


If you built the deck in that shape the deck railing would of gone around the staircase "bumpout" and the solid wouldn't be needed I don't think.



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