Vertical Walls Between Flrs. won't align


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Have you explored this tool:



The Reference Manual for whichever product version you are using should also help:



Alignment is also a function of the Wall Type Definition, so it will be helpful to learn about the Wall Type Definitions dialog box:



Otherwise, post the plan file for us to examine.

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Walls of different types are aligned by Chief via the align with below or align with above based on the outer surface of the "Main Layer": of the wall. NOT the Outer surface of the Exterior surface. This is regardless of the outer covering or the wall thickness. So if you have stucco as an outer layer it must be the same thickness for both wall types.



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I'm struggling with this as well.  I need to align the exterior stone layer of a first floor 2 x 4 wall with the exterior stone layer of a CMU block foundation wall.  I could define the exterior stone as the main layer on both floors, but that interferes with my foundation dimensions and will confuse our mason. 


Is there another way to accomplish this?  I'm working in X5 premier ( I know I'm behind the times) and have included wall definitions and alignments below.  Thanks in advance!

1st Floor Alignment.PNG

1st Floor Wall Definition.PNG

Foundation Alignment.PNG

Foundation Wall Definition.PNG

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I'm not sure about your version, but there are a couple of ways to do this manually.

Alt+Q and set Resize About to Outer Surface.

Now when you select the wall, the grips will be on the outer surface of the wall.

Reference the foundation floor.

Select the wall, drag and snap it to the outer surface of the referenced foundation wall.


Another way is to draw a line parallel to the wall and set it a fixed and known distance from the outer layer of your wall.

Copy the line and Paste Hold Position down to the foundation level.

Select the foundation wall and move it the same distance away from the line as the upper wall.

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