Elevation View- Partially Disappeard


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What type of objects are they ?   There still seem to be some rendering issues with elevations that chief is working on.  It might not hurt to send them the plan file so we can make sure they get it all fixed for X11.

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Gotcha, thanks.


The missing part was middle portion of a wall behind cabinets, and couldn't figure out why middle of the wall and corner would disappear.

Thankfully, popped up later, so all good and could finish project.


Will definitely send forward to Chief, and keep you posted if anything helpful.  


Thanks again!

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9 hours ago, Gawdzira said:

I get weirdness like this and it is a refresh issue. If you run into that again, save the elevation camera, close it and reopen.




I think I am seeing the same weirdness fairly frequently , I will need to open and close views more often it sounds like.



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Hi all,


Chief responded back with:


I did notice something that may have an impact. The area of focus is not currently divided into its own separate room. I would recommend adding walls (even if you use the Invisible Wall Tool) to create a room definition for this space. Because the Wall Elevation tool is room oriented, the program may be getting confused about which boundary you are trying to view.


I’ve included a screen capture of some tips that may help you create more reliable Wall Elevations.

  1. Create Walls around all spaces you are designing. You can use Invisible Walls if you don’t want to see them in you scenes. The idea is to create room definitions for each space that you will represent in a Wall Elevation. You can see in the screen capture, the lower space is part of a very big room (grey highlighted area).
  2. Make sure you start your Wall Elevation camera in the proximity of the items you would like to display. In this instance, click at the green dot, then drag in the direction of the arrow to create a Wall Elevation.
  3. For cases where a wall exists, but you want to show a Wall Elevation that spans to rooms, you can Temporarily Set the dividing wall as “No Room Definition”.






I had a much larger room enclosing this bathroom to create its own room, but looks like Invisible walls in the immediate bathroom area is the better route to go.



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