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  1. Looking for a designer to handle the soft furnishings side of the business in northern California. Are you a brilliant designer with upholstery, bedding, rugs, colors, wallpapers and decorative items? Do you design cozy and elegant Family Rooms, Foyers, Bedrooms? Are you a master stager? Have you wanted to move out of your house with your design business, or wanted to start your own business? Do you have an existing client base? We are located in west San Jose area, with clients throughout San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos areas. Let's talk! joey@hartsdesigns.com
  2. expodesigngroup

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    Nice! I want a **** Barn
  3. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Great minds
  4. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Larry? No, just leaving out for option 2 design. I didn't clean out the yard sale b4 posting Thx for saving me!
  5. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Ah, thank you!!
  6. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Having a doozy converting the default Hip to Gable roofs. Per the videos, should be ez, but I'm missing something: Select wall to gable roof (left and right of garage door) - Open wall - Roof - Select Full Gable Wall OR Select wall to gable - Change to Gable Wall at bottom tool bar Argh, please help! Steinberg_CON_Drawing_4_12.20.plan
  7. expodesigngroup

    Bay Window Question

    YESSS! I knew some genius here would have an ez answer Thanks bunches!!
  8. expodesigngroup

    Bay Window Question

    Hi all, I'm in X12, and could have sworn there used to be a drop-down to change my bay window details: from double-hung to mullion, height of windows, etc. I checked out the videos, but can't find details. How to edit the windows? Thanks!
  9. expodesigngroup

    Shadows in Elevations?

    Nice! Thx bunches!!
  10. expodesigngroup

    Shadows in Elevations?

    Is there a way to add in shadows into our elevations? Not sure which software it is, but another one is showing subtle shadows and wishing we could too. Gives that special dimensional effect I'm wildly curious which software this is. See attached
  11. expodesigngroup

    Send to Back?

    YES! Thank you!! That's so easy
  12. expodesigngroup

    Send to Back?

    How do I place the chairs underneath this table, so table doesn't read as a rug in plan view? I feel like I'm missing an obvious step, but can't find. Lol, maybe I'm stuck in Microsoft world, where right mouse click lets you "Send to back". Thanks
  13. expodesigngroup

    Glass Garage Door

    Fabulous, thanks!
  14. expodesigngroup


    This is marvelous, thank you!!
  15. expodesigngroup

    Crown Moulding in Beam

    Will do- thanks!