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  1. expodesigngroup

    Floating Outdoor Kitchen

    Ahh, thank you!!
  2. expodesigngroup

    Floating Outdoor Kitchen

    Oh, gotcha. I added in a slab and changed to grass. I'm sure there's all kinds of wrong there. Your way makes sense. Thanks!
  3. expodesigngroup

    Floating Outdoor Kitchen

    Can I add another terrain level in grass? I've also tried copying the entire kitchen into my plan, cause mine has grass terrain like it should. But won't copy. Maybe I can copy parts onto my Chief. Surely there's a more efficient fix?
  4. expodesigngroup

    Floating Outdoor Kitchen

    Hi, Someone sent over an outdoor kitchen plan that's floating in space. For the life of me, cannot figure out what they did. I've checked Layer Display Options. Terrain options are all checked. Can't build any new terrains. Something must unchecked for displaying maybe, but not sure what. Help me ground this ethereal kitchen. Thanks HKBD Hsieh Cabs 8.25.20.plan
  5. expodesigngroup

    Ghostly Calibz

    Thanks again!! Always finding speedy answers here
  6. expodesigngroup

    Ghostly Calibz

    That's what was so odd! Could not screen shot, had to take photo with phone b/c screen shot didn't show. Weirdest thing.
  7. expodesigngroup

    Ghostly Calibz

    Super-duh, that worked! Thanks!!
  8. expodesigngroup

    Ghostly Calibz

    I can't get this new .calibz object we created to open onto plan page. We've imported into Library and looks good there, but then this odd ghostly symbol when dragging onto page. Help!
  9. Looking for a designer to handle the soft furnishings side of the business in northern California. Are you a brilliant designer with upholstery, bedding, rugs, colors, wallpapers and decorative items? Do you design cozy and elegant Family Rooms, Foyers, Bedrooms? Are you a master stager? Have you wanted to move out of your house with your design business, or wanted to start your own business? Do you have an existing client base? We are located in west San Jose area, with clients throughout San Jose, Campbell and Los Gatos areas. Let's talk! joey@hartsdesigns.com
  10. expodesigngroup

    Shed design and T111 siding need some help

    Nice! I want a **** Barn
  11. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Great minds
  12. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Larry? No, just leaving out for option 2 design. I didn't clean out the yard sale b4 posting Thx for saving me!
  13. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Ah, thank you!!
  14. expodesigngroup

    Hip to Gable Roof Troubles

    Having a doozy converting the default Hip to Gable roofs. Per the videos, should be ez, but I'm missing something: Select wall to gable roof (left and right of garage door) - Open wall - Roof - Select Full Gable Wall OR Select wall to gable - Change to Gable Wall at bottom tool bar Argh, please help! Steinberg_CON_Drawing_4_12.20.plan
  15. expodesigngroup

    Bay Window Question

    YESSS! I knew some genius here would have an ez answer Thanks bunches!!