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I am just looking to locate/identify potential services by location and experience.... I am building a home in the 95567 zip code area, but I live, currently in the 92688 zip code area. I am trying to determine what design and design/buiild services are available in the  95567 area. The experience I am looking for is with CA and hopefully some SoftPlan as well. I would like to know about IRC 2018 and 2015 as well as CBC and IECC experience. RIght now I just need to see what services are available. If I am asking this incorrectly perhaps someone can give me some guidance. I have some resouces but they are not in the 95567 area and one, although very good from what I can tell isn't in the 95567 state which has strict code reqs.


Thanks for reading my post.


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Can some of you comment on the advantages of having a designer in close physical proximity to the site? I have see people on the forum use this as a criteria and the advantages I can see are designer access to site and local builder, designer familiarity with local codes and very likely building inspectors. Are there other advantages?

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Howdy Robert,

Nowadays, with a good survey (including topo and tree surveys, if necessary), Google Earth, US geological survey maps, etc., it has become less important to be able to walk a site. I usually meet the client and walk the site only once at the beginning of a job and only if the site is within an hour or two from my office. 


One client hired me because I am 30 minutes away from where they lived and 2 1/2 hours from the building site. I designed a large home and a boat barn on the Texas coast for them and never met them until some 10 years later when they hired me to design another home for them which was closer to me.


I have designed or helped design homes all over the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, etc. and have not had the any problems with me not being local. I do avoid the worst of the worse, like Southern California unless I am helping another designer or hire out the energy calcs etc. Most governing authorities have their code requirements on a website and most use the IRC code or modification thereof.


Just my thoughts,


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Charles, thank you or your insight and experience. I found you avoidance of SoCal both humorous and telling. I currently live in SoCal and the site is in Northern Cal. I sure would like to trade U.S. Senators with you... I like yours better than mine. :)


Thank you for our help.


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I have been working away at this project and am now trying to decide on some potential designers, but I would like to ask if some of you can give me ideas for selection questions. I haven't done project management in sometime and this is not an area of my expertise so I have large learning curve and am not even sure of what to be looking for in a designer and how to decide between designers. I am thinking at this point of picking one and getting to a certain point and tapping additional designers to review the project in their areas of expertise, but I am not sure of what to ask. At his point I am thinking I want one that has CA X10 and experience with CA of some minimal amount. I also want someone who isn't too busy to work on the project regularly as I have the site and the funding and just need to get a preliminary design to give to the structural engineer for the seismic base isolation system design.


Can some of you give me input as to what I should be looking for... I had thought that a building designer in close proximity to the site was best, but several have suggested that site proximity is not as important as it has been in the past. I guess I am asking what you would recommend for criteria to me if I was your best friend or a brother. I don't want to be ridiculous, but I want the right designer for this project and ideally several plan reviewers to help the designer and I catch errors and exhaust all the best practice and ideas to create an excellent set of plans.


Thanks for all your help so far... I have been hesitant to pull the trigger on this phase because I want my ducks lined up and not to have waste or a mismatch with my designer/team.


I am looking forward to your sage advice and recommendations.



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