composite siding material - how to?


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I'm looking to create a custom material to use as a wall siding. The architect has specified a 1"X12" wood horizontal board with 2" gaps between each board (abv and blw). The area between the boards will be sheet metal. In other words between boards I have a gap 1" deep and 2" tall and it has a sheet metal backing. 


So my first question is.. is it possible to have a material that is comprised of two different materials (the wood board, and the sheet metal). Secondly can someone give me a point in the right direction on how to go about creating this? Even if I can not do a realistic sheet metal, just having a texture with the board and black gap will probably suffice. 


Any 3rd party software recommendations for creating custom textures?


Thanks a bunch!

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Here's a pic.  I actually used 2 Wall Material Regions:

  • 1/32" thick black material
  • 3/4" Thick Wood (set at 12" tall and multi-copied at 14"

both of the above were set to cut the exterior wall surfaces. 


The really nice thing about this system is that it automatically adjusts to Doors and Windows.  I use basically the same system for Board and Batt siding.

Board Siding.JPG

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