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  1. Very kind of you! I will play around a bit and if I am still stuck will post back. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.
  2. Thanks for your help. I didn't tune out, just been in and out of town for the holidays. I did open up your file and it looks good to me. Unfortunately I am having trouble getting my file to duplicate this. Probably a setting somewhere.. I will find it eventually.
  3. Yes, that is exactly what I am tying to do. Can you tell me what if a nything you changed to get it to frame correctly?
  4. I will likely end up doing this but it would be nice to understand where I went wrong
  5. I pulled the roof away from the wall and did not seem to make a difference
  6. I am having a problem where a piece of wall builds below the bow window when I add it. it is not selectable and I have played with all the bow window settings with no effect. Anyone have any idea what is going on here? Pic and .plan file attached. Hatchett - Bow Window.plan
  7. I am not sure what that is so I am thinking not. It is just validated using serial numbers when installed.
  8. I have an extra X9 Premier license that I am not using. If you buy this you can upgrade to X10 & X11 when released for $556 if you do it before Jan 1st. Buyer will pay transfer fee also (negotiable). Make an offer! (Hopefully I am not breaking any forum rules, please let me know if I am and I will take this down)
  9. I have a couple awkward roof framing scenarios and having trouble getting the section cuts to frame out close enough for a decent visual. The first is a roof rafter sitting on a bearing wall with no overhang or fascia. I just want a seat cut and blocking (or even without the block is okay). I am not sure how to get chief to omit the fascia and sit on the wall cleanly. The second condition is similar but I have rafters going up in both directions (there will be a cricket for drainage). Maybe there is a work around that can be done? Attached are some framing details showing the desired conditions. Thanks! Framing examples.pdf
  10. Wow, you guys are the best! Thanks a bunch. I am looking into material regions.. something I have completely ignored until now.
  11. I'm looking to create a custom material to use as a wall siding. The architect has specified a 1"X12" wood horizontal board with 2" gaps between each board (abv and blw). The area between the boards will be sheet metal. In other words between boards I have a gap 1" deep and 2" tall and it has a sheet metal backing. So my first question is.. is it possible to have a material that is comprised of two different materials (the wood board, and the sheet metal). Secondly can someone give me a point in the right direction on how to go about creating this? Even if I can not do a realistic sheet metal, just having a texture with the board and black gap will probably suffice. Any 3rd party software recommendations for creating custom textures? Thanks a bunch!
  12. I'm not sure what you are showing in that picture. Is that a wall object? I would like to keep the front "gable" wall as a wall object for the windows but the sides will need to be angled to match the slanted side walls.
  13. If I use something other than walls (roof or solid objects), how would you go about trimming the front wall with the windows in it so it matches the angled side walls?
  14. I'm looking for some ideas on how to model slanted walls (out of plumb vertically). In the attached picture, the area to the right of the entry is what I am attempting to model. Let me know if you guys or gals have any tricks up your sleeves. Thanks, Brian