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This table appears not to be like a spreadsheet with individual cells but more like a graphic that one has to put text in by dragging and manually aligning.  Or am I missing something?


This seems very odd and primitive for such a sophisticated program!  Why not have actual cells, like Excel?

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The table is populated automatically from information that is in each layout page-tools, layout, edit page information -OR right click pages in the project browser. 5b8509f1a1cba_PageInfo.thumb.png.618e817f037eaa7c1dc08c0095b6e66d.png

Some fields are usually set up ahead of time (BY you) in your template and some fields can use macros.

Be a good idea to pick a reference and read it- the help, reference manual, basic videos, or the tutorial - to avoid frustration and get started with basic information.

Also a good idea to fill in your signature for when it comes time to get more challenging help so we can help you.

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