deck or on grade patio?


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The landing size and type depend on the space that you want to allocate to it. The code requires a minimum 36" landing in the path of travel, but you'll also want to cover your door openings. One thing I'd consider doing is moving your exterior doors closer to the adjoining wall and resizing your opening to the kitchen so that the doors don't overlap the door opening or the casing as in the 1st pict. Then you could place your steps on the left side a landing to minimize the footprint as in the 2nd pict. Note that you have to cover the sliding door opening but not the fixed glass side.


If you want to make the steps a little nicer and use up more space, you could you could wrap the steps around the top and left sides and/or you could round off the left top corner of the landing and round the steps.




__CA temp 4.JPG

__CA temp 2.JPG

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48 minutes ago, javatom said:

That wrap around stair is one of the more inconsistent features of CA.  It works sometimes and then will just stop working.  ANY change will make it disconnect again. This article shows the step I missed (I forgot actually).



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