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  1. CharlesVolz's post in French doors? was marked as the answer   
    Use one door the width of those two. 
  2. CharlesVolz's post in Wall intersection issue was marked as the answer   
    Your wall layers are not set up correctly.



  3. CharlesVolz's post in Stair rake wall won't connect to balcony wall was marked as the answer   
    Extend the railing wall a couple of inches. Make sure you are on Floor 2 and have the correct wall.

    Now someone make the drywall wrap properly...
  4. CharlesVolz's post in Porch Beam Misalignment was marked as the answer   
    Howdy Chris,
    It just seem like a roof problem. Just align the roof baseline with the outside main layer of that porch eaves wall and see if that works for you.
    Proper baseline location from my change:

    Before baseline was moved:

    After baseline was moved:

    For others: The baselines need to be at the correct elevation also, which they were.
    I did not change any roof defaults, like sub-fascia size.
  5. CharlesVolz's post in Dimensions grayed out was marked as the answer   
    You have to be in a section/elevation camera, not full overview.
  6. CharlesVolz's post in How do I get the walls lowered to match the height of my shelf ceiling? was marked as the answer   
    Select basement and check "flat ceiling over this room":

  7. CharlesVolz's post in Can someone tell me where my OSB ceiling is coming from? was marked as the answer   
    That is your sub-floor from Floor 1 above.
  8. CharlesVolz's post in Modern Style Overlapping Shed Roof was marked as the answer   
    1463105307_ShedRoof CV1.plan